UTMOST – I am a part of the Highest.

January 9th -

Being integral to Creation we are all parts of the Most-High.  Every single challenge of our daily lives is just a symbol for our ultimate problem, some problems may seem to be smaller and some seem to be bigger but really, they are all just symptoms of the original problem.  Said problem being our self-centeredness.  Through forgiveness all things can be brought to the light that is the great equalizer.  The solution to all problems is actually one solution, bringing together all the disparate pieces back into the oneness of Heaven.  We begin by doing this in our minds, ultimately it is the inner that once healed, will heal the outer.  Believing we are apart from life separates us from life, this belief is the self-centeredness that lies at the core of our problems.  Indeed, this separation is the core and only problem.  The mundane nature of the material world is not our true nature; our true nature is all good and noble and quite splendid.