MATTERS – I am loving.

January 10th -

What is the matter? What concerns do we have today? Whatever difficulties arise this day, we know that we can solve all of them with the exact same application of love. Love is the healing balm that forgives all wrong.  It is that which really matters, the source of all things, the generator of creation and the only path back to our true home. Love is beyond assessment, it is impossible to calculate its value because it is infinite. Approaching all things with love we will accomplish many marvels. Divine phenomena will become commonplace in our lives.  Our vision will manifest, our dreams will come true.  All of this will be of no great consequence to reality, pleasant as the experiences may be, they will not impact the truth.  Dispensing with inconsequential matters seems of no great import, what is important is that the inconsequential has been causing us suffering which forgiveness alleviates.  It is the healing of suffering through the extension of love that gives meaning.