NATURAL – I am spontaneous.

January 11th -

What if we were able to extend love just as a normal, everyday activity?  What would life be like if we were to forgive seeming wrongs spontaneously?  What would if feel like to be genuine and true, totally unguarded and relaxed.  The answer to the first question is, “we can”; to the second is, “it will be amazing”; to the third is, “it will feel uncontrived, clean, and fresh”.  Expressing the love that resides within us will be the one behavior that can change everything in the outer.  Inspired by our desire for only good to come to all, we will participate in phenomenal things.  We will be astounded at our own success and at the successes of those around us.  Everything that we that is motivated by our feeling of connection to one another will result in changes to our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions.  Loving action changes our feelings, which impacts our thinking, and ultimately unravels our false beliefs.  Over time these decisions will become spontaneous gifts to the world we see.