LIFE – I am living.

January 12th -

We have heard it said, “Say what you will be, then do what is necessary.” Our very being is Being, our essence is the love of God.  So, today, we say that we will be what we are, and then we do what is ours to do. Sometimes we may not immediately know what to do or what to say, but when we stop for a moment and allow Spirit to express, we will know exactly what action to take.  We say that we are Love, and then we extend ourselves to Life in the manner in which we are instructed.  Being of service is life well-lived, we spend our time contributing to the common welfare. Excited about life, we approach it with exuberance.  Not manic, mind you, but vivacious; we are animated with all the energy we need.  Soulful, we go about our various tasks with verve and sparkle.  Anytime we falter we re-affirm, “I am alive with the life of God”.  We remember that we are totally powered by Spirit, and that our life is an integral part of the Larger Life that we all share.