BUILD – I am building up.

February 2nd -

Each prayer joins with every prayer, individual loving thoughts link with all loving thoughts, single acts of kindness are knit together with the entirety of kindness.  Love ties all things together, actually all things are already tied together we just don’t see it.  We have decided for separation, we have chosen division and isolation.  Why have we contracted for smallness and lack in an abundant universe.  Creation is great and grand, but we have made the mundane in its place.  Today we can reverse the tide.  We begin by deciding to exchange each negative perception for an intentional affirmation of love.  There will be many opportunities to turn things around.  Every person who comes to us has a gift for us and we have a gift for them.  The gift is forgiveness; in this regard forgiveness means seeing things differently.  Where ever we have seen threat, we now see harmony and in this way each act, thought, and belief are made loving and they all combine to heal the whole world.