FREE – I am free.

February 3rd -

Fear triggers defense; defense becomes offense.  When we are afraid, we strike out.  Changing our point of view, changes our reality.  Perspective creates perception and our perception is our reality. Confrontation sets up more confrontation, the unity of all life becomes disrupted in our own minds.  Unity can never be disturbed in Reality but in the darkness of our fragmented mind it can’t be reconciled until we decide for healing. Bringing the darkness to light is our choice.  We may have thought that our particular “sins” are too severe for reconciliation, but this is not the case.  We can make amends, changing things for the better and healing all wrongs.  Through the power of love, we can undo past perception. Our penance is simple, where we saw threat, we now see promise.  Rather than the expected punishment for these past events, we are rewarded with a true view of the love that is happening in the present moment.