BLESSING – I am a blessing.

February 4th -

First things first! Priority: imperative … Our most urgent need is to see clearly. The material world continues to present a very distorted view, which it is our function to forgive.  Vision first, see what’s really in here, then secondary “outer” goals.  Wonder is widespread, healing is common, love is our collective state, unity is the total of us; all of love’s blessings are available for us if we so choose.  The universe is offering all good things at all times.  They come through us when we open ourselves to them; then as we receive, we give in our own turn.  Oh, nobly born, it is our honor to instantly reciprocate; it is our pleasure to share and the sharing becomes our joy.  Absolved of our imaginary crimes, we extend same pardon to all others.  Creation is continually establishing new marvels for us to experience; our first priority is to send them on.