REVELATION – I am open.

February 5th -

Today, let us open our minds to revelation.  Revelation is the revealing of a previously hidden truth.  Spirit is ready and waiting to disclose the exact nature of the universe.  We have been afraid to listen, afraid that the shock might destroy us.  The facts are the facts, regardless of whether we are willing to hear them.  The fact is that God is and that nothing else is.  God is the whole of everything, the unity of all life, and the sum total of all that exists. This is the dramatic reality which we have been hiding from.  The ramifications seem overwhelming; it invalidates our perceived independent life, repudiates our sense of isolation, and reverses our individual judgements.  It means that everything we tried to use to keep ourselves separate has been unfounded. Opening our eyes to Love, grants us a new vision.  This ability to see into the larger Self, frees us from the small self.