ADORE – I am devoted.

February 6th -

 “Praise God!” This is a phrase that has been heard from many of our fundamentalist brothers and sisters.  It is an exclamation that underlines the belief that favorable conditions are blessings from God and, unsaid but implied, that unfavorable conditions are punishments from God.  This is erroneous, God’s will is Love.  Love shows itself as Goodwill in all situations and at all times.  This means that there is an opportunity for good at each decision point.  So, in practice, we decide to accept the Love that is always on offer or we react with fear. Seeing things in the light is a form of devotion to God.  Today, let us see through our misperceptions, let us allow the love of God to extend through us.  We honor God when we uphold the perfection that exists in all things. We do this by changing our perceived identity; simply put we are not bodies, we are spirit. This is the truth that clears our vision and allow us to see the love that is really here.