RECOGNIZE – I am identifying

February 7th -

Would that we could instantly distinguish between reality and delusion.  When we identify with Spirit, we know the truth; when we identify with the body we don’t. This spiritual recognition is a function of the mind.  When our mind is fragmented it naturally thinks it is caught in a body that is in in competition with other bodies.  There are three levels of perception and our experiences of life are dependent on which level we find ourselves in.  The level of spirit is the highest reality, it is the only true state.  The level of mind is the arbiter, mind decides what it wants to see.  The level of the body doesn’t have any volition of its own.  The body does as it is instructed, at its best it communicates love.    When the mind is informed by spirit, “We see God everywhere, in everyone and in everything”, and passes along that love to the body.  Mind then guides the body in when and how to be a proper communication device.