APPRECIATION – I am grateful.

February 8th -

We give thanks through service. True service is seeing the truth and sharing it in all ways.  This is the basis for miracles, helpfulness.  The helpfulness we give is a kind of simultaneous reciprocity.  When we begin to realize that our brothers and sisters are already giving to us, we give back.  This behavior is appropriate and should be normal.  As we change our perspective in this way, we find our actions become loving examples of forgiveness.  These actions, performed by us or others, should not be done to generate wonder even if they are wonderous.  If we find ourselves seeking or giving hero-worship, we have strayed.  If we are afraid, we have strayed. These loving acts should produce thankfulness that motivates us all to reciprocate.  So, when we see great service performed by others, we should be inspired to emulate them, not to put them on a pedestal; likewise, when we are helpful, we should not be looking for accolades.