CHRIST – I am in Christ Consciousness

February 9th -

Christ consciousness is in us.  Our true self is the Christ.  When we observe others, our endeavor is to see this same Christ in them.  This is the motivation for all healing.  When we find ourselves in ego-mode or when we realize we are judging our brothers and sisters, an intervention is called for.  The Christ will mediate all error if we just open ourselves to Ourself.  Where we previously saw the profane, we can now see the sacred.  Christ consciousness is pure in that it perceives no “evil”; rather it observes the sacred in all things.  We realize godliness in ourselves and others.  Our actions are consecrated as our motives become devout. Christ consciousness is the sanctuary we seek, it is beyond the physical, exists in the mind and is composed exclusively of the spirit.  Awareness of perfection grows as our identification with the body lessens.  Mindful of Goodwill, cognizant of the Reality of Spirit we put all things in order.