HONOR – I am honored.

February 10th -

 In the salutary words of the Buddha, “Oh, nobly born…”  When perception is put in order, we see ourselves correctly, that is in proper esteem.  What if we could be reverent in how we see ourselves?  Can we see that we are worthy of love?  Today, let us dismiss all of the dark fantasies we have held concerning ourselves.  There is a brightness at the core of us.  That light is strong enough to shine right through all of the walls we have built around ourselves; it is bright enough to shine right through all the bodies and all the other material in the world that we have made.  The mis-steps and mistakes, the faults and regrets, all of them shined away.  Our fragmented identity can be re-assembled in an instant when we turn our attention what that identity really is.  Each loving thought and act of kindness culminate in bringing us back into Oneness.