RESTORED – I am being restored.

February 11th -

Our mind is One Mind, but we do not see it.  From time to time we remember dimly, whispers of the ancient truth are faintly heard. Each forgiveness wipes parts of the illusion away, each healed perception releases more parts of our fragmented Self. Our mind is being brought back into its proper function.  The universe is compensating us at all times and in all ways, again, we do not see it. We have been thinking that there is not enough, we are never satisfied.    Shortage and scarcity are states of mind that do not exist in the abundance of Creation, but we give them reality in our fragmented mind.  It never ends; we want, we need, and we continue to seek that which we think will fill the black hole of ego.  What action can be taken to make up for not accepting the prosperity? What should we do other than except accept Spirit’s guidance? We move from lack to prosperity just by following through on that guidance.