BEHAVIOR – I am behaving.

February 18th -

Following the rules? It may be difficult to decide when to follow a more accepted approach in our actions and when to break out into something new.  We may think there are too many rules, too many laws in our modern society, but there is only one law that matters in the long run.  That law is the law of love.  A loving God is trying to express through us.  The expression of love is proper conduct.  Sometimes extending love seems like work, but it is really quite easy following a surrender.  Let us relax into proper service, doing the right thing for the right reason.  Calm and collected, knowing we are cared for, we conduct ourselves in a manner that shines as an inspiring example.  We perform, not as actors, but as representatives of the divine.  There is no sense of “toeing the line” to gain the approval of others, we comport ourselves in an exemplary manner almost effortlessly because we are in sync with Creation.

OPEN – I am open-minded.

February 17th -

Today, let us open to what is and to what could be.  Exposing ourselves to the present moment without greed or aversion, the mind becomes uncluttered.  Our attention sweeps clean the cobwebs of past perception.  Our future state will be built upon the foundation of our focus in this moment.  Vulnerable, we expose ourselves to possibility.  A state of curiosity of what might happen next leaves us with no need to defend.  Where we thought we needed to protect our individual point of view we now see that we are safe in the protection of the larger community.  We can be impartial because we have no personal agenda to guard.  Tolerance allows acceptance of the ideas of others, which in turn makes us more flexible in our approach to the issues that arise moment to moment.  Not driven to hasty decisions we progress at just the right pace. Once decided we are easy-going as we move into appropriate action.

TOUCH – I am in touch.

February 16th -

We are aware of what is important.  There is a deep knowing within us.  What the small self thinks it knows is less than a drop in the ocean of Knowledge.  A drip, a dab, a dash and without a hint as to the true content of Wisdom. To be truly in touch we must surrender illusion to Spirit.  Contact with the divine is just a mindful breath away.  The facility to connect with Guidance is inherent in us.  Seemingly a gift, this ability is actually a part of who we are.  We can feel it right now, no pressure, just an opening to what is already there. Today we link with eternal Intelligence.  Allow the ego’s opinion to fall away, behind the lie of self-sufficiency the larger Self’s knowing waits. Love moves through, leaving insight in its wake. We see, we know what to do and when to do.  We have stroked the face of God and that caress is the touch that heals the mind and the world.

TRUSTED – I am trusting and trusted.

February 15th -

Today let us reinforce our faith in those who believe in us.  Generally, we want the best for others and others want the best for us.  Generally, but not always.  Sometimes we allow self-centeredness to get in the way.  It doesn’t take long to recognize when we’ve gotten off track; and we can quickly return to the common welfare.  In this “group conscience” state of mind, we are trustworthy and then it becomes easier to trust.  When we operate out of the convictions of our higher nature we can proceed with confident expectation.  Reliance a power greater than ourselves actually moves us from unhealthy dependence on others to an all-encompassing inter-dependence.  Individually we cannot be everywhere present, we cannot accomplish everything that needs to be done, so we give some things over to the custody and care of a capable, trusted someone. We trust that they will be responsible as we move on to responsibilities within our own scope of endeavor.

GUIDANCE – I am guided.

February 14th -

Today we seek guidance, opening ourselves to it we are aware of what to do.  We can be gently guided, just noticing a quiet sense of purpose; alternately strong feelings may arise, leading us in a certain direction.  Remembering our personal unmanageability, we turn to the wiser management of a loving God. We release our need to be in control; realizing that control is very much an illusion. An inner strength that is greater than the force of ego can take over.  This divine strength is regulated by principle, which we can surely tell by the instructions we receive.  If the guidance aligns with Goodwill we can trust it. Help really is available, it is available from within and without. We ask for assistance and take the ensuing support.  The counsel of others is many times just as valid as divine inspiration.  We can feel what’s right in our hearts and always move in and at the direction of love.

DEVELOP – I am developing.

February 13th -

We are growing together, coming ever closer.  In our closeness, we are progressing in our spiritual awareness, becoming more mature in our approach to purpose.  As we advance it is important that we remain humble, understanding that all this good comes directly from the presence of God which is within us, between us and all around us. Focusing on the expansion of spirit, the extension of love we are most effective in our service.  Arising from a low mental state into higher consciousness is just a matter of allowing ourselves to feel our connection to a Loving God. We emerge from self-centeredness into connectedness.   We bring the lonely shadows into the light and become aware that we have never really been alone.  Cooperating with our fellows becomes a method in which we break free of old self-seeking habits.  A new life is unfolding moment by moment; we stop trying to make things happen and just allow Goodwill to express in all that we do.

JOIN – I am joining.

February 12th -

Let today be about connection. As we have experienced, alone we are powerless.  Whenever we feel cut off from life whether it is other people or just a vague sense of being apart from, we can change our mind and consciously attach ourselves just by seeing it so.  We can picture ourselves spiritually yoked to our fellows in all our good endeavors.  When we couple our efforts with our partners we produce desired outcomes. Love is the glue that holds all of us together; it has already adhered, only our denial seems to loosen it.  There is a great comfort in the awareness of unity.  When we know that we are all linked in this great web of life our anxiety decreases.  We feel loved.  We can attach to life through love and detach from fear.  We are Life, that is our identity, we are not that which separates us from Life.  There is a place where all things are fastened together, and that place is in the peaceful mind.

SUPPORT – I am supportive.

February 11th -

A Course in Miracles states that we are here to be truly helpful.  It would not be truly helpful to interfere with the unfoldment of others.  Not to do things for people that they should be doing for themselves but to aid and assist in those things that cannot be done alone.  So, today, we opt for kindness.  We give our care wherever it is needed.  Seeing ourselves as a part of the foundation that supports our common efforts we stand ready to accommodate goodwill.  Reassuring the irresolute we encourage our fellows in times of uncertainty.  Not sympathetic to self-centered whining but empathetic, understanding fear and its consequences.  Being supportive and helpful is the ability to see through to the good; we see through the shadows right to the pure and loving spirit that shines at the center of all living things.

HONESTY – I am honest.

February 10th -

Let us be genuine and true.  Authentic living comes from an honest presentation of ourselves.  To go through the day being frank and straightforward is our aim today.  How much more appreciated we will be and how much more fulfilled when we address our fellows in a candid and direct way.  This, of course, does not mean that we should be brutally honest, not caring how our words affect others.  Rather let us be open and sincere, always extending love in our conversations.  Our honesty will also shine through in the example we show to each other.  When we are focusing on goodwill we set the proper example.  We can be honorable without being moralistic. We can stand upright without being stiff.  We let go of deceit because there is no need to dissemble.  Firmly established in our own values we are safe to express direct, open, sincerity in word and deed.

TOGETHER – I am together.

February 9th -

“Get yourself together!”  A derisive instruction that will never come true as long as we think we are alone.  If we begin to consider that we are not alone but rather always connected to others it is much easier to get our seeming personal stuff in order. So, becoming calm, collected and composed has everything to do with realizing that we a part of a spiritual collective.  We are as one, we act in concert with one another in all of our efforts.  Coming into this frame of mind we become cool, unruffled and Self-possessed.  Laidback, unflustered, we move easily into the tasks of the day.  Holding images of our loved ones in our minds lets us feel their presence even when they may be physically far away.  Remembering that although those that are physically present with us right now are also just as precious, gives us comfort no matter whose company we are in.