CREATE – I am creative.

August 14th -

The creativity of spirit is simply the extension of love by Love.  True Creation is the eternal extension of love by Love itself and by the children of Love.  All of this extension is, of course, the same thing since all of Creation is actually One. Now, in the material world we have division and disharmony and all of the suffering that goes along with self-centeredness.  Our function in the world is to forgive all of these appearances.  We have a purpose to be truly helpful; much of our effort to make something of this world has tended toward the self-centered, to the frustration of our function.  Some of us have great artistic talent, we are often awed by the beauty of that wrought by our brothers and sisters.  We, ourselves, probably have some abilities in this regard and they should be realized and practiced; but we also should be aware that however great these accomplishments, they are still but shadows of our true gift.

AFFECT – I am influencing.

August 13th -

 We shape reality.  Our belief, thought, feeling, action, and in-action become affect.  As we involve ourselves in the world (for good or ill) we become cause, which leads to effect.  Our decisions change things.  We have the ability to move forward or backward.  We can disturb the equilibrium or restore it.  Many times, our actions may have upset others, caused distress to loved ones, and generally shaken up our immediate environment.  Living mindfully, we begin to take great care in all that we do.  We show our concern for others by not making decisions that cause harm physically or emotionally. We consider our motives and the possible outcomes of everything we do.  If we find ourselves in the midst of behavior that is causing concern, we can immediately change course and modify our direction.  We know have an effect on others, let us make it a good one.

FRIEND – I am friendly.

August 12th -

Today the goodwill in my heart will allow me to be quite approachable.  Unreserved and outgoing, that is how I want to approach this day.  I will be gracious as I allow kindness to flow through me.  I want to take each moment, each opportunity for graciousness to facilitate goodwill to all.  I will respond to challenges with an open mind and a pleasant manner. There is a way to move into and with the flow of God’s good.  First, I will take a moment to recognize the presence of Spirit…right now, in the present, and then lay aside the distractions of the ego.  This Presence is pure goodness (God-ness).  God wants the best for us, the best for all of us and so do I. In all things let me be pleasant, extending the divine goodness that lies in my heart.

REACH – I am reaching out.

August 11th -

All of the desires of the heart are within our grasp; all of our goals are achievable. Yet none of these accomplishments will be satisfying if we pursue them for ourselves alone.  So, first we get in touch with our inner guide, access our over-arching purpose and then move into action in the world.  We make ourselves available to help those who temporarily need it.  Making loving contact with those we meet throughout the day.  Seeing them as part of the great family of God, we carry a message of inclusion.  Connection felt first by us then communicated to our brothers and sisters is our mission. Staying on purpose, we forgive any shortcomings and speak only to the underlying good in each other.  Surely our attitude of inclusion will positively affect our success.  Our loving intentions hold sway with others, influencing their own goals and assuring that indeed, our reach exceeds our grasp.

FELLOWSHIP – I am in fellowship.

August 10th -

Being accepted is a comfort but seeking it is suffering. Today, let us be inclusive offering friendship to those around us. We really are involved in a fellowship of Spirit whether we know it or not, and our intentional solidarity with others brings this Holy state fully into consciousness. Everyone who comes our way belongs with us and we belong with them. Camaraderie arises when we let down our defenses and accept each other. To see ourselves on the path together as traveling partners establishes a comradeship that leads compassion, understanding and love. We are all in this together and every cooperative thought further confirms this fact in our minds. To be sociable is a part of the behavior that will make us a community of partners. Partners share goals and we all share the most important goal: the return to love.

CHANGE – I am changing.

August 9th -

We have heard that the only constant is change, and for the material world this is true.  The real, eternal part of us does not change. This is the part of us that we are trying to get back to, the part we want to remember.  It is interesting that in order to restore the changeless we must change our present state of mind.  Our most important daily work is that of releasing our unfortunate character flaws and also seeing same flaws that we observe in others being healed.  Changing our perspective is the way we get our minds to the “foot of the bridge where God will take the final step and gather us back into the Kingdom”. So, in the world is change, and we can use that change to bring ourselves back into right thinking.  We can change our own negative aspects and allow others to do the same without interference.

LOVE – I am loving.

August 8th -

To hold all life dear, to make each one who comes to us the darling of our hearts, this is our goal today.  Love is feeling included despite the appearance of exclusion; and then the ability to include others even when they seem to exclude us.  Love is extending goodwill in the face of apparent ill-will. Difficult seeming, but not that hard really.  We can be tender hearted when confronted by hard-heartedness, it is just a decision.  No one else can force us into upset, anger or hate.  We have the ability to forgive any apparent conflict by seeing through it right into the truth of God.  For God is true love.  God, the glue that hold us all together, is the ultimate expression and expresser of love. We are of God, we are extensions of God and it is our function to extend that love further.  Through this day, let us show our devotion to God through our adoration of all life, which of course includes all of our fellows.

ACCEPTANCE – I am accepting.

August 7th -

Let us accept one another without condition.  This is the secret to unity, the formula for harmony, we let people be who they are.  We can release the need to judge, we can avoid comparisons, by remembering that at our core we are all the same. In this we can all agree.  While seeking approval is a pursuit without a satisfying end, we can learn to give approval but not in a conditional way.  Let us receive those who come before us today as if they are a gift…because they are.  Tolerant in our approach to others it is easy to come to loving agreement.  We receive that which we give, sometimes directly but most times in an indirect way.  We can be assured that the is an inherent human equality that will lead us to a comfortable ease with others.  Today, we acknowledge everyone as a fellow seeker, not rejecting a single one.

COURAGE – I am courageous.

August 6th -

Courageous in our pursuits, not reckless; resolute but not totally unyielding. Courage is not fearlessness, it is feeling the fear and proceeding though it.  If we are afraid of doing something that needs doing, we feel the fear and we do it anyway.  To be daring and bold may be something we aspire to, we may have a sport we like that is somewhat dangerous, but we don’t need to be reckless.  Being inspired by the example of others, we set goals and as we move forward in life there will be many opportunities to take chances. To live life in a spirited way, to be undaunted by setbacks, that is the courageous way.  Not fearless but audacious; unconcerned with the opinions of others, but always considering their welfare.  We really can be valiant in the face of adversity, not needing to be seen as heroes but brave none the less.

BEHAVIOR – I am behaving.

August 5th -

 Following the rules? It may be difficult to decide when to follow a more accepted approach in our actions and when to break out into something new.  We may think there are too many rules, too many laws in our modern society, and truly there is only one law that matters in the long run. That law is the law of love.  A loving God is trying to express through us. The expression of love is proper conduct.  Sometimes extending love seems like work, but it is really quite easy following a surrender. Let us relax into proper service, doing the right thing for the right reason.  Calm and collected, knowing we are cared for, we conduct ourselves in a manner that shines as an inspiring example.  We perform, not as actors, but as representatives of the divine.  There is no sense of “toeing the line” to gain the approval of others, we comport ourselves in an exemplary manner almost effortlessly because we are in sync with Creation.