ACCEPTANCE – I am accepting.

February 21st -

We have all seen the bumper sticker: “No Christ, No Peace; Know Christ, Know Peace."   What does all this mean?  Different things to different people.  Someone once said in response: “Christ only knows.”  We could think of the Christ as our shared identity, our true self.  This is a vision that manifests in our lives as we cherish it in our hearts. Accepting the gift of Christ consciousness results in the sensations of the body giving way to sensational experiences of mind.  The nightmare fades as a happy dream takes its place.  The experience of Christ consciousness, of Buddha nature, is the manifestation of Good.  Forgiveness is the function of this consciousness which results in the body becoming a communication device of love. Vision illustrated, abundance manifest, kindness articulated, this is “knowing Christ and knowing peace”.   As Paul said, "A secret hidden for ages and generations, Christ in you, your hope of glory."

RISE – I am rising.

February 20th -

Ready, willing and able, this is the desired state of mind for change.  Astonishing circumstances, astounding events, incredible healings all occur as a direct result of a simple decision for love. Changing our view is required; wherever we perceive shadows we move that image to the light.  Fear, such a natural reaction for the body is unknown to Spirt, and it is Spirit we want to identify with. The suffering we endure can be the catalyst we need to generate willingness.  Let us establish eagerness, as we visualize what it might be like to release all of our suffering.  What if we woke up to love, if we approached life with enthusiasm?  Consider how our normal situations would look by making those adjustments.  Going forth into the world with exuberance, keen to do the work of the day we can pursue our purpose with the proper mind-set.  Today we can rise up in consciousness, incline toward miracles and watch the world change.

STRENGTH – I am released.

February 20th -

Our small mind is convinced it lives in a remote place, sequestered in a tiny corner of the universe that we don’t even realize we made.  Segregated from other small minds and also afraid of them, it pines away in loneliness.  All of its accounts overdrawn, ego sees scarcity in the midst of plenty.  “Never enough” is the rallying cry of the limited personality that seeks only to reverse its erroneously perceived poverty at any expense.  We can never escape this sense of inadequacy by acquiring things, nor by accolades, nor the by approval of our compatriots. Only a change of mind and a willingness to make another choice has the power to heal our fracture.  Let us decide today for a new view.  The foremost quality of forgiveness and the resulting extension of love is freedom.  Free from our self-imposed quarantine, unconstrained from false deficits, unrestricted by any sense scarcity, we move from shortage to abundance in a holy instant!

WHOLENESS – I am whole.

February 18th -

There is no deficiency in Creation, or in us.  Wants and needs are effortlessly filled when they are desires of the heart.  It is only our self-centered pursuits that are left unsatisfied even when they are realized.  There is no lack in the universe or in our lives.  An abundance of all good things is constantly available.    God is the entirety of Creation, we are a part of That in the same way as a holographic picture divided shows multiple images of the original.  We are created in the image and likeness; this is difficult to see from a perspective of isolation.  We cannot access the totality of Life when we are obsessed with past resentments or regrets; the full picture is not available when our attention is on fears of the future.  Seeing unity is impossible when we are concerned only with our individual time-line or life-line; this is like trying to appreciate a large beautiful tapestry from a position on a single thread.  Let’s get a fuller view…

ACKNOWLEDGE – I am connected.

February 17th -

Forgiveness recognizes everyone as a part of God. It is the action of love that changes all sight to the contrary.  As we salute our brothers and sisters, we extend the light of God. We allow this love to lead the way.  This light of love is at home in our hearts, but it has work to do in the world around us.  Think about, focus on, living in the light of God.  The kingdom of God is not far off, it is both within us and all around us. See the very air around us as being alive with the light of Love.  It is always shining on us.  Sometimes we may be tempted to think of our heart as having a surface that in turn reflect this love back out into the world.  It is instructive for us to examine the phenomenon of the sunlight striking the moon…it turns out that indeed, the moon is not just reflecting but interacting with light, mixing with it and then sending out something more than what touched it’s surface, so, the light of love can come to us and when we send it back out, it has a different quality than when it came in, it has part of us with it.

LIGHT – I am light.

February 17th -

Love dissipates fear; all fear disappears as the light of God shows us what is real.  When we see that Light, all the shadows that have ever been in us, dissolves.  We are guiltless, the mistakes that we have made are just that, mistakes, and they can be corrected.  The errors of yesterday can be healed with a generous application of love today.  In the past we may have held onto feelings of guilt and remorse because we thought that we needed to be held to account for my many shortcomings.  Today, we understand that being accountable means that we first take responsibility for our actions, then we do what is necessary to repair the harm and finally we release ourselves from the bondage of guilt.  Holding to guilt is a sure way to hold on to old patterns.  It sets us up for repeating the same mistakes over and over again.  So, today, we forgive ourselves our mistakes and we move on, opening the way for new experiences.

ILLUSIONS – I am true.

February 15th -

The Holy Spirit is working to change our illusions into the truth. We are beginning to see the difference between Creation and the material world.   Spirit shows us what’s real and what’s not. Let us forgive all those who appear to have harmed us in anyway whatsoever.  Release anyone who ever thought, did or said any negative thing to us; release them from judgment.  Let them go right now.  As we see ourselves as guiltless, so must we see our brothers and sisters as innocent. We can see all in the light of God’s love.  At times we may have found some false comfort in blaming and condemning others, but we must understand that this negative judgment only locks all of us into a continuing cycle of alienation and separation.  Right now, see only the good and let go of all wrongs.  We listen to Holy Spirit who frees of the need to judge others, and so we forgive them and see them differently.  Through this inner Mediator we forgive illusions and we forget perceived slights.

CORRECT – I am correcting.

February 14th -

A higher view is called for.  Today let us attempt to see the world from a better vantage point. Namely from the point of view that says, “I am loving life and life is loving me”.  Staying in the present moment, being aware of what is happening right now, we have the opportunity to change course in an instant.  Noticing an errant thought, we can immediately track it back to the belief that the thought arose from and then forgive that image. If we miss that opportunity and the thought becomes an unwanted feeling, we stop at that point, accepting the feeling, backing up to the originating thought, then to the belief. If we have unfortunately, acted badly as a reaction to the feeling, we admit our wrong and then examine the course that led to the incident correcting as we go.  When this process becomes a habit, our erroneous belief system starts to unwind, and we move closer and closer to the Oneness at the core of our being.

EXAMPLE – I am an example.

February 13th -

Today, we focus on right thinking.  We realize that form is just the exterior image projected by our inner condition. So, when our fear manifests itself as fearful things, we see through that façade.  We put our attention to the presence of Love.  Whatever happens, let us see through to the good.  We are learning a new thought system, which allows a positive change.  We can discern the opportunities in the midst of problems.  Whenever some seeming negative thing occurs, we can stop, stay with whatever emotions arise and ask our inner observer to show us what is real. We can decide to see the situation from a fresh perspective.  This is the essence of forgiveness, to release fear and extend love.  In this way, we will perceive the truth.  We will know that despite appearances, life is the shared the Ground of All Being.  As we align ourselves with Goodwill, the way of Light is always available.

EXPRESS – I am expressing.

February 12th -

We articulate our gratitude as we express the Love of God in all that we do.  The magnificent movement of Creation through us communicates Goodwill.  We give voice to the common welfare as we speak only the truth.  We see the good in our brothers and sisters even through any perceived bad actions. Our prayer is an affirmation of the highest in us and in them.  The Love that we convey is a clear message of the only truth; that we are all one with Life. All of our service provides help in the present moment but also goes forward in a non-linear way to add to all of our good works and those of others to combine into a new view of the world. Sometimes the results are readily apparent having an immediate effect; at other times the changes don’t show themselves for a while. We give voice to communicating love we Let us state the truth without equivocation.  The evidence of a dangerous world notwithstanding, love is present.