NEW – I am new again.

November 19th  -

Each day is a day of renewal. When we begin with surrender we set the tone for positive change. We easily continue on our spiritual path and by resuming our practice we assure our continued upward movement.  Quiet, reflective, we continue our prayerful approach to life. Daily we recommit to our abstinence.  We replace any negative, unwanted thoughts with uplifting ones. Those thoughts lead to better feelings, which lead to positive actions, which step by step rebuild our lives. Reconstructing our dreams and aspirations one moment at a time we begin to have hope that despite any difficulties success is possible. It is then that we realize that a restoration to sanity is in process.

SPIRIT – I am spiritual?

November 18th -

Our true nature is spirit. So many of our difficulties arise because we continue to identity with the material world. We believe we are separate, distinct bodies, and that those bodies are in competition with other bodies.  Believing that we are primarily physical, we will continually find ourselves lacking. We think the only way to be happy is by getting more physical stuff. This is the cause of much suffering. When we begin to identify with our true nature, we start to understand that we really are not lacking.  We will, as a direct result of our positive endeavors, eventually awaken fully to our spiritual nature.

PROBLEMS – I am not my problems.

November 17th -

Unmanageability can arise unexpectedly at any moment, even when we are practicing diligently.  Stuff just happens. No need to be overwhelmed, we apply principles and relief will come. Regardless of the problem, our path always begins with surrendering. We stop, don’t react, recognize that there is an issue, and just accept it as our present experience. Once we have done that, we can, with guidance, investigate the causes and possible solutions. Most importantly, we do not identify with our problems; they are not “us,” as they are just experiences that we are temporarily having. Making use of our resources and staying close to our supporters, we find that problems come to pass, not to stay.

CONTROL – I am relinquishing control.

November 16th -

Let us remember that we have no jurisdiction over the actions of others.  We not in charge of the world, or even our close environment.  We have no true authority over anything or anyone except ourselves. Even our self-control comes best through surrender.  So, actually, we find that relinquishing control is the first step to mastery. We learn that true leadership comes from reliance on a Loving God. We cannot even control situations but we can respond appropriately with love and service.  This approach takes time to learn and is many times difficult to apply but with practice it becomes comfortable and much less stressful than any attempted sovereignty.  Today, let us relinquish to gain, let us surrender to win.

DAILY – I am present.

November 15th -

Today is the day, really the only day we need be concerned with; and even this day will mostly take care of itself.  Each day we make a good start by remembering and re-committing to our spiritual path.  We may experience feelings of anxiety or other forms of upset throughout the day, when this occurs it is time for surrender. We make this surrender in the moment that any distress occurs.  Proper surrender is a skill that develops over time.  We learn that it is not resignation but rather just a giving up the illusory control of situations that we cannot deal with on our own.  Eventually we are able to be present in the moment; neither grasping nor avoiding.  This is our daily reprieve from suffering, from which we are spared moment by moment.

HOME – I am at home.

November 14th -

Lost so long in a hostile world, caught by the evolutionary imperatives of the body, feeling alienated and alone. Only a few of us have actually been homeless, but all of us have experienced not feeling at home. Isolation and loneliness can plague us in the midst of a crowd. We may even feel unloved in the bosom of a loving family. These feelings are the symptoms of identifying with the small self. When we begin to identify with something larger, it becomes easier to find comfort. Many times, we may find it difficult to let go of our fear of being judged or not accepted, but we find that if we release our own judgement and practice acceptance of others, we will soon begin to feel more “a part of.” Whether it be in our family, our fellowship, or the whole world. Deciding to be part of the Unity of all Life puts in a place that feels like home, wherever we may be.

FIGHT – I am not fighting.

November 13th -

Previously we may have thought we had to fight just to keep going, this is not the case. Fighting just adds to the suffering. Sometimes it seems as if we are caught in the quicksand of life, and like real quicksand, the more we struggle, the faster we sink. We are told that if on the off chance we are ever actually caught in quicksand, that we should immediately try to get into a horizontal and prone position where we can float on the surface and even swim to the edge. While not suggesting that this means we lie down whenever the going gets rough and the problems of life seem to be threatening to take us under, but at least we can try to relax. Stop for a moment, no need for hasty action. Calmly try to see what is really happening, and then allow Spirit to be the guide.

RETURN – I am returning to love.

November 12th -

We can return to Love. The song of prayer echoes in our hearts. Today we can sing out, allowing this music of Light be heard throughout our world and throughout the universe. Freedom is ours as soon as we accept it; we are free to be and to do. To be our true selves and to do our part in the restoration of sanity. Our part right now is kindness. Focus on being kind; be kind to the whole world, be kind to us, be kind to God... yes be kind to God. In our fearful existence, we have feared God, and that which is feared, must be hated on some level. So, when we extend that kindness to our environment, to our brothers and ourselves, think bigger, think God. The return to love in is the awareness that love is all there is. Love is the stuff that we are made of and it is the stuff that our Maker is made of. So, as we are kind, we are expressing that which is our true self and the true Self of God. Thereby, remembering and returning to the Oneness of Love.


CREATION – I am creative.

November 11th -

Creation is extending. Love extends strength to us and then we extend love back. The heavy load we carry in the material world is the shadow of the heavy load of fear that world itself carries. Creation, the extension of love, manifests itself as all of the qualities that we need to move through our experiences in this world with a calm and peaceful purpose. Happiness is available right now. Creation is speaking joy to us in this moment, hear it saying, "You are my perfect child." Make a gift to God in this moment and give him all of your worries and concerns. Hear him say, "This gift I receive with love and thereby turn it to Love." In this way, are all of our distractions forgiven and made peaceful. Our efforts in the world will change from burdens of responsibility to joys of privilege. Creation is extending through us, giving us the ability to give our various gifts to the world. As we continue to give with love, our perception of this place changes from conflict to harmony. Whereas we saw a desert we now can see a garden.

REMINDED – I am reminded of eternity.

November 10th -

Our true place is in the eternal realm of our Creator. Our Father is waiting for our remembrance. The kingdom is not completed without us. The song of life cannot be sung without our participation. As we get quiet today, let us attempt to remember our ancient place. Let us hear the singing of angels and add our voice to the harmony. Our combined music is at work right now awakening our brothers and sisters from their slumber, reminding them of our place in this cosmic symphony. Heaven's melody rings clear in our hearts, vibrating with the love that wipes away the chaotic clangor of fear. Beyond space/time we exist in everlasting life; our song is the extension of love and life which rings forever down the halls of eternity.