FREEDOM – I am free from the past.

January 14th -

When we have put the past to rest, when we have forgiven ourselves, when we have forgiven our brothers and sisters, when we have forgiven events and circumstances; then we are free to be and to do whatever is called for in the present moment.  Whenever we participate in an act of forgiveness, we make all things new again.  It is a new day and we become new in it.  All the things which held us into the patterns of the past have been washed away.  We have set ourselves and all others free from the slavery of the blame game.  All worries and concerns are revealed in their true nature.  We find, as did the Biblical Jacob* that everything that we wrestle with is just God in disguise and that as soon as we let go, we get a blessing.

*Jacob means “Tripper-upper”, his name is changed to Israel (he who strives with God)

HEALING – I am healing.

January 13th -

When appropriate we ask for forgiveness.  We may have done something for which we are sorry, we may have neglected to do something we should have. Whenever this occurs we admit our mistake and try to make things right.  We take responsibility for our action and ask the person we have harmed for their forgiveness.  This asking silently affirms that they will be able to hold us in the same light and esteem that they did before the event occurred.  The healing partially occurs because we are humble enough to admit the mistake.  The healing continues because we do not blame the person we harmed for the harm we caused.  This may seem like common sense, but in the past, we have blamed others for the things that we have done, even to them. We can be healed from errors when we are able to see them for what they were.  Namely, failed requests for love.

APPEARANCES – I am forgiving appearances.

January 12th -

Today, we focus on what is real.  We put our attention to the presence of Love.  Whatever happens let us see through to the good.  We are learning a new thought system.  We can discern the opportunities in the midst of problems.  Whenever some seeming negative thing occurs we can stop, stay with whatever emotions arise and ask our inner observer show us what is real.  We can decide to see the situation from a fresh perspective.  This is the essence of forgiveness, to release fear and extend love.  In this way, we will perceive the truth.  We will know that despite appearances, that life is the shared the Ground of All Being.

INNOCENCE – I am innocent.

January 11th -

Everyone is innocent. This is sometimes a very hard lesson to learn or even consider.  We know that people, including ourselves, do unfortunate things.  In such a case, we can hold them responsible or even call them irresponsible.  Innocence means something else in this context.  It means that the essence of us is without blemish.  Hurtful actions arise from suffering and cause more suffering, but they do not reflect our true worth. Let us forgive all those who may have harmed us in anyway whatsoever, meaning to see them as their best and highest self.  Release anyone who ever thought, did or said any negative thing to us…release them from judgment.  Let them go right now.  So, to see ourselves as guiltless, we must see our brothers and sisters as innocent.  All of us in the light of Love, that is true sight.  At times, we may have found some false comfort in blaming and condemning others, but we now understand that this negative judgment only locks all of us into a continuing cycle of alienation and separation.  Right now, see only the good, let go of all wrongs.  We are free of the need to judge others, and so forgive.

GUILTLESS -I am guiltless.

January 10th -

Today, let us forgive our mistakes.  We are guiltless, the mistakes that we have made are just that, mistakes, and they can be corrected.  The errors of yesterday can be healed with a generous application of love today.  In the past, we may have held onto feelings of guilt and remorse because we thought that we needed to be held to account for our many shortcomings.  Today, we understand that being accountable means that we first take responsibility for our actions, then do what is necessary to repair the harm and finally release ourselves from the bondage of guilt.  Holding to guilt is a sure way to hold on to old patterns.  It sets us up for repeating the same mistakes over and over again.  So, today, let us forgive mistakes and move on, opening the way for new experiences.

PERSPECTIVE – I am changing my perspective.

January 9th -

Let us determine to see things differently.  This is a change that will free us from the past.  First let us not react as each situation arises, then we can examine the event unemotionally and act in a proper manner.  The patterns of the past can be broken. We can change our minds and see things differently.  We can see past events differently by reviewing them in a new light, we can also see present happenings in a fresh way. If we are anxious or afraid, we can stay with those feelings for a moment, watching as they change.  We can take refuge in our meditative practice at any time.  We can say “I take refuge in my Buddha nature, or Christ consciousness, or in the Ground of Being, or in God”.  We observe, we take refuge in the larger self and then we let these things go.  We no longer need to hold anyone else responsible for our situation.  If we want to change our life, we must see it differently.  So, today let us change mind and vision.  See only love, only good, only opportunities for even more good.  This may seem difficult or even unrealistic at times but we can determine to see the good wherever I look because I know that is there and we are a part of it.

FORGIVENESS – I am forgiving.

January 8th -

Forgiveness is time travel. We can go back in our minds to any situations of regret and resentment and by seeing them differently we change how we remember them.   We still take responsibility but forgiveness heals the hurts in us and those others who may have been previously affected. Forgiveness is a process of Love; the love in us comes from a larger Love that exists in the Ground of All Being.  Through that love we can forgive. Love is that spark of light in the heart, through which all things are possible.  It is this light that extends from us to heal the world.   All good things spring from this love, as a result of giving and receiving.  Our wellbeing, peace and prosperity come to us as a direct result of loving. We give love and the giving rewards us over and over again.   Past regret and resentment block love from its appointed task. These unfortunate events and situations must be accepted, and then forgiven.  Let us take hold of this great love in us and forgive the past.

CHANGE – I am changing my response to life.

January 7th -

Previously we have been ensnared by the knotted-up belief system of the ego.  This will continue to occur, but we can begin to untie the knots, finally coming to complete freedom from reaction. awakening to the reality of Spirit.  As a direct result of our previous seven steps we are changing our relations with those around us.  Consciously choosing to extend love rather than judgement, being joyful for others’ good fortune, having an attitude of gratitude, allowing ourselves to be filled with Spirit.  We have recognized and accepted who we are, we move easily in the world giving service as we go, and we forgive anger whenever it occurs.  These are huge changes, but well within our reach as we remember that the strength of God is ours for the asking.

BEHAVE – I am responsible for my own behavior.

January 6th -

Behavior arises from feelings, it can be helpful or hurtful.  Behavior can be reaction or interaction.  In the past, mistakes were made…it happens. There will be many times in life when we will err. Sometimes people are hurt by our actions or perhaps our inaction.  Left untreated these past wounds keep us from living fully in the present. We are strong enough to take responsibility for these mistakes of the past.  A mistake is just an error, an error that can be corrected.   We simply see our part, not blaming anyone else to make ourselves feel better.  We allow others to do likewise.   We are only responsible for what we do, not for the actions of others.   Rather than feel that we are trapped, always doomed to repeat the same mistakes, we now know that we can change the patterns of the past by taking responsibility in the present for belief, thought, feeling and action.

RESPONSIBLE – I am responsible for my feelings.

January 5th -

I know that my feelings are the things that motivate me to act.  I know that my feelings are the things that can immobilize me, so that I cannot act.  My feelings have been responsible for many rash actions.  My feelings have been responsible for many lost opportunities.  I am determined to do something different.  In the past, I may have heard someone say, “You can’t help how you feel” but I know right now that is not true. I am slave to my feelings no longer.  I can change how I feel, by changing how I think.  First let me acknowledge that I am feeling a certain way, then let me accept the feeling, examining it and finally realizing that it is just a passing state of mind…not at all a part of my identity. Today, I will examine which thoughts are leading me to any undesirable feelings.