LIVE – I am living in the light.

December 10th -

Today, I am truly alive and that means being loving…it means extending the light of God to everyone I meet and into every circumstance that I find myself in.  I allow this love to lead the way.  This light of love is at home in our hearts, but it has work to do in the world around us.  Think about living in the light of God.  The kingdom of God, if you will, is both within us and all around us. See the very air around us as being alive with the light of Love.  It is always shining on us.  Sometimes we may be tempted to think of our hearts as having surfaces that in turn reflect this love back out into the world.  It is instructive for us to examine the phenomenon of the sunlight striking the moon…it turns out that indeed, the moon is not just reflecting but interacting with light, mixing with it and send out something more than what touched it’s surface….hmmm…so, the light of love can come to us and when we send it back out, it has a different quality than when it came in, it has part of us with it…

EXPECTATIONS – I am expectant.

December 9th -

Trials and troubles come every day, we accept them and then move on.  We may worry about the challenges and outcomes involved in the impending endeavor of amends.  Perhaps we have been projecting on how future encounters will play out, but this is not helpful.   We may be anxious or concerned about the outcome of a particular amend.   These thoughts are really negative prayers and they interfere with the process.  More importantly when we worry about outcomes, we have gotten ahead of ourselves.  Let us focus on the task at hand and let the future take care of itself. When worry or anxiety come let us recognize that this is just the mind wandering, remind ourselves that it’s no big deal, let these thoughts go without judgment and then move on.

TIME – I am on time.

December 8th -

Now is the time. We are accountable for our past actions, but even more importantly realize that we are responsible for our choices today. Being responsible for our choices means taking responsibility for the part we play and the part we have played in any harm that has come to others.  This is a spiritual pursuit that will result in the alleviation of suffering. We can visualize ourselves taking responsibility; not just for our actions, but also for our feelings, our thoughts, our beliefs and our lives. Now is the time, as we have already seen, the present moment is the only time we really have so let us act appropriately now.  Each day we can be judicious without being judgmental, sensible but not too restrictive, efficient not obsessively organized.  Wherever we are in our process let us pick it up and continue right now.

JOURNEY – I am on a journey.

December 7th -

Consider our journey, perhaps coming from a place of desperation, we have surrendered and continue to admit  our personal powerlessness, we allow hope to grow into the faith that restores us, we align our will with Goodwill, we examine ourselves and all others in the light of Wisdom, we came to an understanding that God stands under all, we were ready to release the negative and put things in proper order, we asked that our defects removed, now we think about those on our list of the harmed and ask for willingness. Feel the willingness come as we visualize what the result might be if we accepted the Strength being we would feel after we take responsibility for our actions, how we would feel if the harm were healed, how would we feel if we forgave and perhaps, we were forgiven?

RESPONSIBILITY – I am responsible to act.

December 6th -

Today, we are taking responsibility for the things we have done or said things that were harmful.  There is no escaping from these burdens, we must acknowledge them and prepare to heal them to the best of our ability.  We know that they are in the past, but they keep coming into present awareness.  Past hurts, regrets and resentments will continue to haunt us until we take steps to heal them. So, our action throughout the coming days is to sit and write the list of those we have harmed.  We include ourselves on the list, but we are not that focused on self.  We tend to be so self-centered that we agreed when we heard it said that we are not doing this for others but for ourselves. While it is true that we will benefit, maybe even benefit the most, we must make this step and the following one a gift to those who we have harmed in order for us to receive the true benefit.

CONFIDENCE – I am confident in the strength of God in me.

December 5th -

 This great strength expresses itself in many positive outcomes through our own efforts.  Divine strength does not act on its own. That strength is waiting for us to accept and access it; we will do well to remember that it is always there. The universe itself has provided us with as much strength as we need to the things that need to be done by us. Quiet confidence is your Strength.  Be confident in the presence of God in you.  Know that Spirit is continually renewing your ability to deal with whatever may occur.  You can relax and let go of any worry.  The power of creation is at work in you.  That power is calling more and more of my good into manifestation.  This thought instills confidence as you move forward in your day.

STRENGTH – I am strong.

December 4th -

There is a strength in us that is not of our personality.  It springs from spirit and it manifests through us…this is the strength of Unity.  Strength in us, a great, good fortune that allows us to surrender to the common welfare, which in turn, makes us stronger.  It is important to realize that any independent strength we seem to have can only exist through our inherent inter-dependence. Creation has an interest in us, and so It invests an overflowing abundance of strength in us.  This strength is the ability to do what is called for in your life.  Strength is not loud or boastful but rather it is quiet confidence.  Let us take refuge in this strength.  Know that Spirit is continually renewing our ability to deal with whatever may occur.  We can relax and let go of any worry.  The power of creation is at work in us.

PAST – I am responsible for my past actions.

December 3rd -

Some of our actions have caused problems, some have been helpful.  The memories of our harmful past actions keep us from being peaceful today. We could see these things in the light of wisdom and realize that we are strong enough to take responsibility for these mistakes of the past. We can see them for what they were: errors. These errors are mistakes which can be corrected and the first thing we do to correct them is admit our part in the problem. we do not have to blame someone else to make ourselves feel better. We simply own up to our behavior and let others take care of their own. We are responsible for our actions…our actions in the past and our actions today. Rather than feel trapped, always doomed to repeat the same mistakes, we know that we can change the patterns of the past.

INVITATION – I am calling.

December 2nd -

Willing to change, but unable to do it on my own, I ask for help. There are some changes I would like to make, and I have the ability to make certain choices, but ultimately my personality is powerless to change itself.  I want to experience a prosperous life, a life full of all good things.  I want to live up to my potential.  I want to eliminate the negative aspects of my character and my habits.  These are not things that the ego can do.  I must have divine help and guidance in these matters. The Holy Spirit stands ready to help, so I invite God to cleanse me and I am transformed. I am open to the presence of God.  I am willing to be cleansed of all negativity.  I am ready to be a clean slate upon which the hand of Creation can write.  I am encouraged by the previous success I have experienced when connecting to Spirit. So, I ask, and I am transformed by the power and presence of God within me.

CONSERVATIVE – I am conservative?

December 1st -

Being a true conservative, means that we do not waste.  Today, let’s focus on what it means to conserve.  A true conservative is conscious of the fact that he or she is steward of the earth.  We all have some responsibility to the planet. We are paying attention to what we acquire, consume and then discard.  Prosperity does not mean having enough to waste.  Let us realize that conserving resources and energy is part of prosperous thinking.  We conserve energy and resources.  We are good stewards.  We have been entrusted with this stewardship so let us prove trustworthy.  We are also conscious of the value of people, just as we should not waste resources, we should make sure that all of the people in our community are encouraged to participate.  We are up to the task, and always looking for new ways to accomplish it. Our mantra for the day is “I am a true conservative.”