RESTORED – I am being restored.

February 11th -

Our mind is One Mind, but we do not see it.  From time to time we remember dimly, whispers of the ancient truth are faintly heard. Each forgiveness wipes parts of the illusion away, each healed perception releases more parts of our fragmented Self. Our mind is being brought back into its proper function.  The universe is compensating us at all times and in all ways, again, we do not see it. We have been thinking that there is not enough, we are never satisfied.    Shortage and scarcity are states of mind that do not exist in the abundance of Creation, but we give them reality in our fragmented mind.  It never ends; we want, we need, and we continue to seek that which we think will fill the black hole of ego.  What action can be taken to make up for not accepting the prosperity? What should we do other than except accept Spirit’s guidance? We move from lack to prosperity just by following through on that guidance.

HONOR – I am honored.

February 10th -

 In the salutary words of the Buddha, “Oh, nobly born…”  When perception is put in order, we see ourselves correctly, that is in proper esteem.  What if we could be reverent in how we see ourselves?  Can we see that we are worthy of love?  Today, let us dismiss all of the dark fantasies we have held concerning ourselves.  There is a brightness at the core of us.  That light is strong enough to shine right through all of the walls we have built around ourselves; it is bright enough to shine right through all the bodies and all the other material in the world that we have made.  The mis-steps and mistakes, the faults and regrets, all of them shined away.  Our fragmented identity can be re-assembled in an instant when we turn our attention what that identity really is.  Each loving thought and act of kindness culminate in bringing us back into Oneness.

CHRIST – I am in Christ Consciousness

February 9th -

Christ consciousness is in us.  Our true self is the Christ.  When we observe others, our endeavor is to see this same Christ in them.  This is the motivation for all healing.  When we find ourselves in ego-mode or when we realize we are judging our brothers and sisters, an intervention is called for.  The Christ will mediate all error if we just open ourselves to Ourself.  Where we previously saw the profane, we can now see the sacred.  Christ consciousness is pure in that it perceives no “evil”; rather it observes the sacred in all things.  We realize godliness in ourselves and others.  Our actions are consecrated as our motives become devout. Christ consciousness is the sanctuary we seek, it is beyond the physical, exists in the mind and is composed exclusively of the spirit.  Awareness of perfection grows as our identification with the body lessens.  Mindful of Goodwill, cognizant of the Reality of Spirit we put all things in order.

APPRECIATION – I am grateful.

February 8th -

We give thanks through service. True service is seeing the truth and sharing it in all ways.  This is the basis for miracles, helpfulness.  The helpfulness we give is a kind of simultaneous reciprocity.  When we begin to realize that our brothers and sisters are already giving to us, we give back.  This behavior is appropriate and should be normal.  As we change our perspective in this way, we find our actions become loving examples of forgiveness.  These actions, performed by us or others, should not be done to generate wonder even if they are wonderous.  If we find ourselves seeking or giving hero-worship, we have strayed.  If we are afraid, we have strayed. These loving acts should produce thankfulness that motivates us all to reciprocate.  So, when we see great service performed by others, we should be inspired to emulate them, not to put them on a pedestal; likewise, when we are helpful, we should not be looking for accolades.

RECOGNIZE – I am identifying

February 7th -

Would that we could instantly distinguish between reality and delusion.  When we identify with Spirit, we know the truth; when we identify with the body we don’t. This spiritual recognition is a function of the mind.  When our mind is fragmented it naturally thinks it is caught in a body that is in in competition with other bodies.  There are three levels of perception and our experiences of life are dependent on which level we find ourselves in.  The level of spirit is the highest reality, it is the only true state.  The level of mind is the arbiter, mind decides what it wants to see.  The level of the body doesn’t have any volition of its own.  The body does as it is instructed, at its best it communicates love.    When the mind is informed by spirit, “We see God everywhere, in everyone and in everything”, and passes along that love to the body.  Mind then guides the body in when and how to be a proper communication device.

ADORE – I am devoted.

February 6th -

 “Praise God!” This is a phrase that has been heard from many of our fundamentalist brothers and sisters.  It is an exclamation that underlines the belief that favorable conditions are blessings from God and, unsaid but implied, that unfavorable conditions are punishments from God.  This is erroneous, God’s will is Love.  Love shows itself as Goodwill in all situations and at all times.  This means that there is an opportunity for good at each decision point.  So, in practice, we decide to accept the Love that is always on offer or we react with fear. Seeing things in the light is a form of devotion to God.  Today, let us see through our misperceptions, let us allow the love of God to extend through us.  We honor God when we uphold the perfection that exists in all things. We do this by changing our perceived identity; simply put we are not bodies, we are spirit. This is the truth that clears our vision and allow us to see the love that is really here.

REVELATION – I am open.

February 5th -

Today, let us open our minds to revelation.  Revelation is the revealing of a previously hidden truth.  Spirit is ready and waiting to disclose the exact nature of the universe.  We have been afraid to listen, afraid that the shock might destroy us.  The facts are the facts, regardless of whether we are willing to hear them.  The fact is that God is and that nothing else is.  God is the whole of everything, the unity of all life, and the sum total of all that exists. This is the dramatic reality which we have been hiding from.  The ramifications seem overwhelming; it invalidates our perceived independent life, repudiates our sense of isolation, and reverses our individual judgements.  It means that everything we tried to use to keep ourselves separate has been unfounded. Opening our eyes to Love, grants us a new vision.  This ability to see into the larger Self, frees us from the small self.

BLESSING – I am a blessing.

February 4th -

First things first! Priority: imperative … Our most urgent need is to see clearly. The material world continues to present a very distorted view, which it is our function to forgive.  Vision first, see what’s really in here, then secondary “outer” goals.  Wonder is widespread, healing is common, love is our collective state, unity is the total of us; all of love’s blessings are available for us if we so choose.  The universe is offering all good things at all times.  They come through us when we open ourselves to them; then as we receive, we give in our own turn.  Oh, nobly born, it is our honor to instantly reciprocate; it is our pleasure to share and the sharing becomes our joy.  Absolved of our imaginary crimes, we extend same pardon to all others.  Creation is continually establishing new marvels for us to experience; our first priority is to send them on.

FREE – I am free.

February 3rd -

Fear triggers defense; defense becomes offense.  When we are afraid, we strike out.  Changing our point of view, changes our reality.  Perspective creates perception and our perception is our reality. Confrontation sets up more confrontation, the unity of all life becomes disrupted in our own minds.  Unity can never be disturbed in Reality but in the darkness of our fragmented mind it can’t be reconciled until we decide for healing. Bringing the darkness to light is our choice.  We may have thought that our particular “sins” are too severe for reconciliation, but this is not the case.  We can make amends, changing things for the better and healing all wrongs.  Through the power of love, we can undo past perception. Our penance is simple, where we saw threat, we now see promise.  Rather than the expected punishment for these past events, we are rewarded with a true view of the love that is happening in the present moment.

BUILD – I am building up.

February 2nd -

Each prayer joins with every prayer, individual loving thoughts link with all loving thoughts, single acts of kindness are knit together with the entirety of kindness.  Love ties all things together, actually all things are already tied together we just don’t see it.  We have decided for separation, we have chosen division and isolation.  Why have we contracted for smallness and lack in an abundant universe.  Creation is great and grand, but we have made the mundane in its place.  Today we can reverse the tide.  We begin by deciding to exchange each negative perception for an intentional affirmation of love.  There will be many opportunities to turn things around.  Every person who comes to us has a gift for us and we have a gift for them.  The gift is forgiveness; in this regard forgiveness means seeing things differently.  Where ever we have seen threat, we now see harmony and in this way each act, thought, and belief are made loving and they all combine to heal the whole world.