TOLERANCE – I am tolerant

September 9th -

Today, let us accept people as they are. We can take them as we find them and let them be as they are. Whenever we begin to notice the seeming shortcomings of others, let’s look again. Yes, it is quite common to see people acting in ways that are less than attractive. Today, when this occurs, let’s choose again. It is no longer important to notice the differences between us. It is not helpful to try to mold our brothers into what we think they should be. Being tolerant means we open our minds, we are liberal in our humanity, and that we are able to release any prejudice that we become aware of. Say to yourself, "Today I will be and I will let be."

NON-JUDGMENT – I am non-judgmental

September 8th -

Today, let us judge rightly. To judge rightly is to not make comparisons at all. It is easy to get caught up in comparing one person with another or with ourselves. These judgments always lead to unhappiness. It may seem at first that there is some comfort in it, but that is an illusion. All of our efforts at putting people in categories only serve to separate us from one another even further.  So today, let non-judgment lead the way. Let us see through past associations and dread of the future. In the light of God, all the negative is shined away. We are all perfect children of creation. Try to establish vision, anytime we are tempted to see anyone as “less than” we can look again with the eyes of spirit.

PATIENCE – I am patient.

September 7th -

When we pray for patience we are likely to get more situations in which patience is required. Developing patience is an everyday practice. To be patient with circumstance is to accept seeming delays. Patience with people is a study in tolerance. It allows us to be accepting and to be accepted. Stoicism is what is called for, knowing that what is just is, and then doing the right thing anyway.  Impatience is suffering, it is pain that is totally unnecessary and actually it just exasperates us and moves us not one inch closer to any goal we may have.  Complaints also seldom help. So, forbearance allows us to pause a moment and just observe what happens next. Best of all, we get to look like a Buddha.

EFFORT – I am making an effort.

September 6th -

Today let us be vigorous in our attempts to accept others as they are. Further, let us be warm and welcoming to all who come our way. We can see this as our most important work, to give energy to the endeavor, to apply all of our talents to the building of community. It will always be more satisfying if we know that we have given our best. When we make it a goal to be unifying in all of our efforts we stop seeing ourselves as individual actors competing for limited resources; we see ourselves as part of a united force for good. Determined to achieve the best outcome for all involved, we bring our fellows together in spirit, mind and body. We put our attention on Goodwill and then our efforts will likely result in positive outcomes for us all.

COMPASSION – I am compassionate.

September 5th -

Dictionary to the contrary, true compassion is not really sympathy and it is certainly not pity. It is a recognition of suffering among equals. Compassion arises out of empathy. Because we can relate to our fellows we are able to understand their suffering. We connect with them in an intimate way, that knows we are all together. Compassion says, “your pain is my pain.” The right application of compassion would be to accept that suffering is present, that it has a cause, and that it can be alleviated. In other words, that it is not permanent. It is important that we see that our brother or sister is not caught in a situation that cannot be corrected. We can all be freed from our pain. So, any prayers on our part should include a positive, affirmative attitude that a cessation of suffering is available.

BELONG – I am connected.

September 4th -

We belong, we are part of something greater than our small selves. Once we really get this idea firmly established in our minds we are changed. We go from self-absorbed, frightened people to community conscious, courageous citizens. We are a part of and we begin to see that our neighbors are likewise. This sense of belonging is a comfort in times of strife and struggle, which are bound to come. Know that in every situation and every encounter, we have been rightly placed, we are in position to be helpful. When we know that whatever the present circumstances, we are all in this together it always goes better for us.

AUTHORITY – I am not in charge.

September 3rd -

Alone I am still powerless. I surrender, not to situations or circumstance but to the authority of Creation. Take a moment right now to surrender. Just relax, let the presence of a loving God become apparent to you.  Yes, it is right there, very close now, and then we are in the presence and the presence is in us.  The light of God is available to us always and in all places. When we surrender to it, the focus of the moment becomes the authority of a loving God. From this vantage point it is clear what needs to be done. There is no need for us to give orders. Our power comes from God and is the same power that is in everyone else; this power is obscured by the ego’s wish to be “it.” We can relinquish enforcement, stop worrying about the obedience of others, and totally release everyone from our personal, misguided dominion. Today command the body to do the Spirit’s bidding and release imaginary jurisdiction over everyone else.

DEVELOP – I am developing.

September 2nd -

We are growing together, coming ever closer. In our closeness, we are growing into spiritual awareness, becoming more mature in our approach to purpose. As we advance it is important that we remain humble, understanding that all this good comes directly from the presence of God which is within us, between us and all around us. Focusing on the expansion of spirit, the extension of love we are most effective in our service. Arising from a low mental state into higher consciousness is just a matter of allowing ourselves to feel our connection to a Loving God. We emerge from self-centeredness into connectedness. We bring the lonely shadows into the light and become aware that we have never really been alone. Cooperating with our fellows becomes a method in which we break free of old self-seeking habits. A new life is unfolding moment by moment; we stop trying to make things happen and allow Goodwill to express in all that we do.

JOIN – I am joining.

September 1st -

Let today be about connection. As we have experienced, alone we are powerless. Whenever we feel cut off from life whether it is other people or just a vague sense of being apart from, we can change our mind and consciously attach ourselves just by seeing it so. We can picture ourselves spiritually yoked to our fellows in all our good endeavors. When we couple our efforts with our partner we produce desired outcomes. Love is the glue that holds all of us together; it has already adhered, only our denial says it is not true. There is a great comfort from the awareness of unity. When we know that we are all linked in this great web of life our anxiety decreases. We feel loved. We can attach to life through love and detach from fear. We are Life, that is our identity, we are not that which separates us from Life. There is a place where all things are fastened together and that place is in the peaceful mind.

EMPATHIC – I am empathic.

August 31st -

We have a natural ability to understand and share the feelings of others.  Sometimes this ability is clouded by our own autobiographical filter or our experience. So, some might argue that the only empathy we can have is based on experience; this is not the always the case, pure empathy comes from putting ourselves in the other’s position. It is not required that we had the same experience, it is only required that we open ourselves to feel what it would be like. Empathy is not pity, it is not sympathy, it is not even sorrow, it is connection. It is understanding that we are all susceptible to suffering. Further, real empathy goes further than an acknowledgement of suffering all the way to seeing an alleviation of that suffering. Today let us connect with others, feeling their pain and their joy but also seeing the ultimate solution for the suffering lies that ultimate connection.