COMPLICITY – I am complicit.

April 2nd -

In the material world, we are complicit…we participate by giving fear for fear and hate for hate.  It is a responsibility we need to admit in order for it to be healed.  It does not help to continue to say “no collusion” when the opposite is obvious.  Connivance seems to be the order of the day with most politicians, but we would do well to remember that we have all helped train them.   To recognize that we are alienated from our total environment, to accept that isolation is our past experience which we continue to drag into the present.   It is time to investigate where these experiences come from, to be present to our thoughts and feelings staying aware of them as they change.  Our ultimate revelation is that these ego issues are really not us.  Let us change these ego tendencies into spiritual collaboration; we can participate in change and support the common welfare.  This is how we come together in harmony, first within and so without.

EQUIVALENCE – I am affirming

April 1st -

Today let us affirm the truth.  We are one with each other; we are one with God.  These two statements are equivalent.  They are not just related, they are truly one and the same.  We stand together in function and purpose, we pursue the same mission.  The function is forgiveness, the purpose is the alleviation of suffering, the mission is removing the barriers to love.  These are all equivalent.  They correspond, not just closely but exactly.  Our function, purpose and mission, once accomplished bring us into shared awareness of our absolute oneness with God, which completes the first two equivalent statements.  Now, where we are not the same is in the temporary talents that we individually bring to the mission.  It is here that we complement each other; we are equal in value, but we bring varying degrees of expertise to our function. It is in our coming together for our purpose that we will ultimately realize that we were always One.

EQUIVOCATE – I am unequivocal.

March 31st -

Let us be firm in our mission.  We cannot be truly helpful when we are unsure of our goals.  Service cannot arise out of vacillation.  Today let us hold fast to our vision of unity.  We uphold the truth, in our hearts, in our actions, and in our speech.  In our efforts to be helpful there will be moments when it may seem that we should speak up. Allowing ourselves to be guided by spirit we may find that we do not have to speak at all.  As we have seen, if we do speak we should ask ourselves these questions: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?  Once these have been determined, let us tell the truth with no equivocation.  Kindness comes through as we release fear and uncertainty.  Endeavoring to be skillful in our words, we say only what is required.  When we are confident, when we feel strong in the Truth, we move into our tasks of the day without fear.  So, today let us be clear and direct in our communications.

EQUATE – I am linked.

March 30th -

Sometimes we wish life was like an equation, that we could balance it neatly and not have things continually going out of whack. Balance in the material world is very difficult indeed.  Because of our perceived wants and needs we are continually being thrown off balance by the demands of the ego.  The small self is afraid that if things became safe and stable that we would discover the truth of our being, thereby rendering it useless.  Unsteadiness is the ground of ego. Things in the world are not equal, they do not balance, further we use the principle of equations to misinterpret our experience. We liken one thing to another.  We compare this with that.  We judge the present as the same as the past.  We see connection with things unconnected but fail to observe the true connections between us.  Become aware of non-existent parallels.  Here is the truth, we are linked to each other, in spirit we are equal to each other

EQUITABLE – I am fair.

March 29th -

Fascism begins with fear.  When we allow the tribalism of our ancient evolutionary imperatives to control our thinking we generally err on the side of fear.  Others who are also afraid use these ego-tendencies to influence us.  Much unfortunate suffering is the result.  An egalitarian approach to our fellows moves us in the direction of spirit.  If we want to be free we must free others.  Equality is a spiritual principle that exists whether we practice it or not.  What would our society look like if it were truly open, unrestricted and uncensored?  What if there really were equal opportunities for all.  Let us be impartial, letting go of our pre-conceived ideas. Being fair-minded, we will naturally give each other the benefit of the doubt.  Being just, we will no longer stand by and allow inequity. We can approach our fellows in an unbiased way, releasing prejudice.  Evenhanded in our approach, we can be trusted to operate out of goodwill.

EQUALITY – I am equal to my brother.

March 28th -

My sister is equal to me.  All other people are part of our family…we are truly brothers and sisters in spirit.  All living things are part of our family, we are all linked in the great web of Life.  This is not a sentimental idea; it may seem corny, but it is true on more levels than we may be presently aware of. Since we are a part of Life, we cannot be apart from life; so, we ask our inner guide to show us the way all of our interactions with others.  Our personal interactions should be more than kind words; they can be ongoing works of service.  We are aware that we cannot truly prosper at the expense of anyone else.  True abundance, ours and theirs, is truly one.  As we give to others, we receive in abundance.  Right now, give love to all of God’s creations, seeing that we are all one family.  Bless and encourage all forms of life, even those we may have abhorred or just not understood.  Divine love shines in us and from us, giving radiance to the world.

EQUILIBRIUM – I am balanced.

March 27th -

Can life be balanced?  Balance is something we talk about quite a bit, usually in the sense that we can’t establish it. We want to believe that it is possible to get body, mind and spirit balanced in us.   Let’s make a start today, affirm “I am in harmony with others.  I bring body and mind into harmony which in turn brings harmony into my relationships.  I give myself over to the presence of God in me and in doing so I realize oneness with creation.  I am goodwill in action as I perceive myself and all others in Light.  I open myself to Life and to divine order.  I release all disease in my mind and body.  The strength of God flows through me allowing forgiveness.  I am focused in and centered on this moment.  My vision is single, and I am full of energy to complete the tasks of this day.  I am in harmony with God, and therefore I am in harmony with all others.  My life is one, all of the aspects of who I am are balanced and harmonious.”

EQUANIMITY – I am calm.

March 26th -

Although it sometimes seems impossible in difficult situations we can remain calm.  It is possible to forgive all fear.  Anger springs from fear.  Fear is our response to feeling separate and alone.  Fear takes past events, distorts them and then applies them to the present. When we tire of seeing life through the filter of past, we can forgive it.  Calmness and peace fill us now as we let go of the past.  Can we see innocence and thus hold no grievance against anyone, including ourselves?   Let us trust the ever-expanding possibilities in life.  Anger fades as we see ourselves integrated into present life.  In the material world, there is danger, but when we realize that we are not just material, a new peace envelops us. As children of Love, we know that the eternal part of us is protected and provided for in all ways and in all places.  Therefore, we can be calm and serene.  We can view the moment, the day, and our whole life with tranquility.

UNBURDEN – I am unburdened.

March 25th -

In the seventh instruction of One Spirit’s wedding vows we find: “Shoulder your share of the burden; but be not afraid of asking for help.”  This is the essence of self-support, that we take up our burdens to the best of our ability, that we bring our energy to bear in our responsibilities with the full intention to accomplish the task.  However, it is important to remember that we are not in this alone, ego wants to take on burdens it can’t support and then blame someone else when things go wrong.  Better to get help and then share the work and the reward.  When we “yoke ourselves together in Christ consciousness our burdens become light”.  What a great idea, to work independently when that is best, but then to come together inter-dependently when that is what is called for.  We know when we are trying to avoid something, and it should be evident that this will never, in any way, relieve the burden.


PATH – I am on the path.

March 24th -

 From Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass we read: “Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you. You must travel it by yourself.  It is not far.  It is within reach.”  Our spiritual path is our own.  We take the steps along it by our own volition.  If we try to do things for the reasons of others we will stray from our way.  We already have seen that approval seeking behavior is never satisfied.  Establishing our own view, our own belief, and our own path is essential to our spiritual unfoldment.  All of the great spiritual teachers of the past have instructed us to listen to the teachings and then to try them out to see if they fit for us.  We are told not to just believe because someone in seeming authority says it; but rather to investigate and experience for ourselves the efficacy of the ideas.  We are not on the path alone and others can help us; but we must, on our own, put one foot in front of the other.