BIRTH – I am born again.

December 25th -

Take a moment to sense the power of creation being born in, coming to life in us.  Today is a day that we can consider symbolic re-birth. As we sit quietly allowing our awareness of the presence of Love to grow stronger we feel the power that is within and all around us.  Let us celebrate this Christ child or Buddha baby being born anew in us. Today, let’s make a decision to carry this feeling with us when we get up and out into the world.  A relaxed sense of power, a focused ability to create which continually flows through us.  Nothing to worry about I immersed in the river of life and the water is warm.  Creation comes easily to us when we relax into it, because we are Son of God (Dharma) and we know that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

RECOGNIZE – I am letting go.

December 24th -

Let us lay aside grievances. Let the hostages go. Every complaint is a blackmail demand from kidnapper to the hostage, both of whom are the same. As we hold another (any other) in judgement it is ourselves see that we imprison.  Just take a moment right now to picture a person in your life that you conflict with. The grievances come quickly to mind. Now, just allow yourself to lay those complaints aside and then try to see this person in a new light. Notice how they have changed. Recognize them as Child of God, just like you. Allow yourself to feel the love you have had all along for this person. Know, that if you decide to leave your complaints where you lay them, you can continue to feel this way. Sometimes, it is tempting to blame others for problems. These grievances block us from the good that God has for us…they keep us locked into victim mentality. Let’s stop playing the victim, let us lay aside our grievances.

ORDERLY – I am in order.

December 23rd -

Although sometimes it doesn’t seem so, order is the way of the universe.  No matter how chaotic things may seem, God’s will, expressing as divine order is available to us.  The opportunity for good always exists in the present moment. Every person, every situation, everything that happens, it’s all in divine order.  Life will flow from good to greater good as I become more receptive to the possibilities of creation that are always present.  We have free will which is the ability to choose between, Goodwill and something less than that.  It is up to us; no one else can decide for us and no one else can cheat us out of experiences (good or bad).  They are ours, and ultimately, we are in charge of our lives.  Order is present right now.  Once we fully appreciate that process, we come to the understanding that we can’t be separated from it and that our lives are cradled in divine order.

IMAGE – I am who I am.

December 22nd -

Let us decide who and what we want to be. There is an image of who we are in our hearts. It is the picture of the kind of people we want to be. We know that what we want is to be more loving, happier people.  We want to be thankful and filled with the spirit of God, we want to be a decisive people who move into right action without fear, we see ourselves forgiving the past so that we can know the present. Today, let’s put these attributes on order with the divine…Let’s order what we want to see in our lives.  Let us decide what we want.  Let’s hold that image in our minds of the child of God that we were meant to be.

GOOD- I am good.

December 21st -

We are already the good we seek. It is just hidden by some unfortunate characteristics. Our true identity does not change, it has no need to change. Only those surface behaviors which obscure our true nature call for a change. Our fear based reactions have always caused suffering. We have now established a process which will allow these habits to mature into helpful practices. Hold to the fact that at our core, we are good.  By holding to the positive, we are strengthened to change the negative.  In our meditation, we visualize ourselves in magnificent oneness with Creation.  We see ourselves getting proper rest, eating the right foods in the right quantity, staying physically active and mentally alert.  We move through the day giving proper service in every situation that occurs.  Today, we embrace the good…when the negative begins to come forth we bless it on its way and allow it to go. 

CHANGE- I am changing my mind.

December 20th -

Let us embrace change. We are more than our habits. In the past, we may have been afraid that we would never be able to escape our bad habits. We may have identified ourselves with our quirks and foibles, or perhaps viewed ourselves like characters in a bad movie. Today, we know that we can change. We can order our behavior and our lives as we wish. Let us release all fear of change, embracing new ideas and positive habits. From time to time we are getting signs and signals that something wonderful is underway in us.  We know that there are still nagging little habits, but we can see there is a solution.  As we continue to embrace change and practice new ways, our habits begin to change. The outer is all about change, the inner, the deep is changeless…God…always present, always available.

HUMAN – I am human.

December 19th -

Let us accept our humanity.  We can release any false sense of self and replace it with true self-knowledge. Being human does not mean being less than divine.  Accepting our humanity is part of humility; knowing who we are and not trying to act like something else. Today we know that we are spiritual beings, we are also thinking beings, and we are sexual beings. We are part of the larger Creation. Children of creation and creation is interested in the physical, the mental and the spiritual. Old erroneous ideas of sexuality and sin do not apply. We are free to express humanity and its accompanying sexuality any way that does not cause suffering. Everyone is free to do the same. We need feel no shame or guilt over these natural attributes. We should understand and appreciate that we are precious to the universe just the way we are. We can be honest and forthright in all of our dealings because we are confident in the power that is within us, between us and all around us.

VISUALIZE – I am seeing a new way.

December 18th -

Sitting quietly, we can become aware of our desire for a new way.  We can visualize how our lives could be if we were free of fear.  We can pray for willingness to let go of what we don’t want and accept what we really want. There is an image in our minds of our ideal. It is the picture of the kind of people we want to be. We probably want to be more loving and happier. We would like to be thankful and filled with the joy of spirit, we want to be decisive, moving into right action without fear, we want to forgive the past so that we can know ourselves in the present. We put these attributes on order with the divine…we actually order what we want to see in our life. We decide what we want, we decide to be the children of Creation that we were meant to be.

PERSPECTIVE – I am willing to see from a new perspective.

December 17th -

I allow those with whom I share to give me their perspective. I consider things from all angles and then I rely on Spirit to help me sort it all out. My confidant is a trusted advisor and has a different view from mine, it is important for me to consider it. The views and experiences of my loved ones are also important to my new vision. I take their observations into account in my decision making and many times they will see something that I have been blind to. In the final analysis however, I rely on spirit to guide me through the maze of opinion and advice that I may receive. I am willing to see from a new perspective, but I make sure it is the bright vision of Love and not the shadow of fear that informs me.

JOY – I share my joy and my dreams.

December 16th -

As I share my joy, my joy is increased. As I relate my dreams, they become more powerful. As I put my joy into the things that I do well they become the things that I love, as I do the things that I love my joy grows. My joy in doing the things I love works hand in hand with the dreams of my heart. I keep them secret no longer, but rather I speak of them openly. I can visualize myself working in a joyful way to make my dreams a reality. When I combine the work of my hands with the aspirations of my heart I am able to move forward with exuberance. My enthusiasm is contagious as I involve my friends and loved ones in the process of Creation.