LIFE – I am alive with the life of God.

October 30th -

Our true life is not the life of the body which we now seem to inhabit, we are actually alive in God, in Spirit and that life is eternal. The life of the body is temporary and imperfect; the Life of Spirit is infinite and perfect. In worldly experience, we have pain and sickness which leads to the eventual death of the body. We can, through prayer or medicine, lessen the suffering and even experience healing of a sort. The problem is that we replace one sickness with another, and still the body dies. This condition of the world we see is one that causes great fear. Our best solution is to realize and admit that this body will not last, but that which lies beyond the body is everlasting and our true existence. Once this idea is firmly implanted, we can begin to let go of our attachment to the physical and be at peace with the transition that is to come. From this perspective, much less physical discomfort is felt, our bodies still age but with more grace, and sickness and disease are easily set aside when we have no fear of them. When the time comes we are able to simply take our bodies "off" and lay them down like worn out clothes. No struggle, no suffering, only peace.

OPPOSITES – I am true.

October 29th-

Today we focus on healing the world of opposites. There is a real world here that can be seen if we are willing. Through the release of comparison, we can see a garden of love in place of the desert of fear. Every experience will be an opportunity for healing. Begin with purpose and remember that our function here is to forgive and to extend love. People will come before us all day and night, and when they do, it is our cue to forgive. Just notice how they appear; do we see their shortcomings, notice their imperfections, or are we remembering their sins of the past? Whatever darkness we have seen in them, we can bring to the light whenever we choose. All of the contrasts, all of the opinions we see concerning these brothers and sisters are just distractions, and keep us from seeing the truth. Where we see opposites, we can see Unity as this is the key to healing. It is bringing the fragments of life back into wholeness. So, whatever imperfections we are focused on, we can visualize the Light of God acting as restoration. See each brother being given to the Light and marvel as all of the past is washed away in a healing wave of forgiving forgetfulness. They stand before us now genuine and true, ever reminding us that we are too.

REMEMBER – I am remembering.

October 28th -

Somewhere deep within us we can remember eternal life, we are always and have always been part of eternal life. The life we have been experiencing in this world is not the genuine article, but rather some pale imitation. We have imagined ourselves with bodies that sicken and wither and eventually die. This is a shadow existence which cannot reflect the truth of our being. Remembering the Glory that in which is our Source, brings us a measure of peace, health, and wholeness, even here. So, when the shadows appear today, we can overlook them while putting our minds back into alignment with divine mind. We cast our thoughts back to our original state; the state of mind in which there is nothing but love, nothing but unabbreviated unending life. As we remember eternity, we bring peace, health, and wholeness to our body and to the world of bodies. We bring healing to our brothers and to ourselves.

IMMORTALITY – I am immortal.

October 27th -

We, as Spirit are immortal but the body is not. Remarkably though, we can heal the body through forgiveness. When we remember the immortality that is our inheritance, we radiate love, which has great effect upon all bodies. By overlooking the symptoms of age and entropy, we can actually ameliorate them. Our bodies rush to death and destruction can be slowed for a time, but we must also remember that it must be laid aside at some point. This need not be a cause for concern when we stay aware that we are not our bodies, but rather we are immortal Spirit. No matter what appears to be happening in the world, we are above the world, and we have indeed overcome the world. When we focus on the fact that the body cannot hold the real us in a prison of flesh, we can be kinder to it and forgive any grievances that we have against it. We can see it as it is; a communications device which allows us to interact with our brothers and sisters in a loving way.

WELL – I am well.

October 26th -

Sickness is an effect. Anytime we are sick, we have become the victim of our own making. Illness is a symbol of the separation, which of course, is original sin; the only sin and our only problem. This sin has shown itself as disease, or rather, dis-ease. This is also the nature of the body which we have also made: disharmony, disruption, and finally, dissolution; the body will die. The body is a temporary refuge from our guilt, an attempt to forget our true form. It is designed to fall apart and then come back to this world in a somewhat altered form. It is not real and it is not us.  We can choose something different, and if we do, the body will reflect this different choice, but it will still eventually fall to dust. It is the sin that must be forgiven for us to escape this cycle of life and death. Of course, even this sin which seems the most severe, the act of leaving God and apparently fighting against God is just illusion. So, the shadow of this ultimate error is just a shadow of a shadow. As such, it can be brought to light and then true healing occurs.

AID – I am aided in my quest.

October 25th -

Our task is to help and that task is made easier when we release our preconceptions. Our work is to give proper service, and this may sometimes seem overwhelming. Relax, be calm and know that in the help we seek to give there is help for us. All around us are helpers, some visible to our physical eye but most discernible only to spirit. Angels all, divine ideas, words of God coming to help us in our unfolding mission. We would return to Love, return to One-ness, remember God. On this journey, we give to our companions, but we also receive from them as it cannot be otherwise. Sometimes we forget that every act is reciprocal. Know it now, everything we have need of is being provided. It is not up to us alone, because we can never really be alone. Look to the help that is available, ask for it and take it.

HEAR – I am hearing the voice of God.

October 24th -

As we quiet the mind today, we are opening the way for Spirit to be heard. This inner guide is always present but many times we have ignored the call, many times we have been distracted by the plaintiff cries of ego. As we practice stillness, we are putting those distractions to the side so that we can clearly hear the still, small voice of Truth. Today, we will hear the word of Peace, the word of wholeness, the word of health. We will be shown the unreality of sin and guilt and even death. Our place in God is revealed, our function of forgiveness shown, listening we hear it all. Call to Him now and He will reveal, give Him all of your worries and concerns. The Way will be made clear, Love leads us from the grasping, clutching life of lack into the generous and abundant consciousness of giving. All judgement fades as we become more and more open to the message of Unity that flows from within. A door has opened into the kingdom of Heaven, stand a moment and bask in its light.  Notice your brother standing in the light that reveals our true, shared identity.

TASK – I am guided in my tasks.

October 23rd -

Today let us question our role in the lives of our brothers and sisters. Our inquiry will be best answered by asking Spirit what to do. Opening ourselves to guidance means letting go of our own opinions of what our fellows need. We take all of our ideas and just put them aside, clearing the way for a divine answer. This can be accomplished in a second. In a moment, in a holy instant we can connect to our inner guide and become quite clear as to the best course of action. We can be confident in the guidance when we realize that the answer is good for everyone involved. Looking to the light in each one, we wash away any imperfections in ourselves and in them. We release ourselves and all others from the burdens of past events. Quiet and calm we allow ourselves to hear the answer from the One whose function it is to provide it, then without worry or anxiety of any kind, we put the guidance into action.

FORM – I am forming my life.

October 22nd-

We are forming the world we see; through our choices our world is made. As we decide the course we will take, we become the cause of our life experience. Our single purpose here in this world is to be helpful. Being truly helpful, we heal the perceived gaps between ourselves and our brothers. Further, we allow our brothers and sisters to participate in our service, going so far as to visualize them cooperating, even if they are not doing so consciously. By sharing our responsibilities, we are balanced in our approach. Opportunities arise with each meeting; people come before us and we are called to see them correctly and to forgive any judgement we may make. We should not decide for ourselves what the form of that correction should take. We allow the Holy Spirit to take charge of our perceptions. Listening to Spirit, our thinking begins to change, our actions take on the mantle of love, and our resulting life experience is one that moves us closer and closer to the foot of the bridge that spans the gap to heaven. So today, choose spirit, choose loving service, and watch how the world changes.

SALVATION – I am saved?

October 21st-

We either share salvation or there is none. It is our choice, and to have it, we must share it. We must take everyone with us, or not one can go. No requirements are made and no conditions asked. We are the agents of salvation in this world. We are ministers of God and as such we are ministers of God's will, goodwill. Trust in God must mean trust in our brothers and ourselves since we are all of God. As we go through this day, there will be someone with whom we interact with that we will see as offensive in some way; large or small, it does not matter. Recognize this person, this one in front you, recognize that they are your savior. Seeing that there is no vertical hierarchy of value we recognize presence of Christ in all of us. This is truly salvation when one part of God saves another part by seeing that there are really no separate parts, only the wholeness of God.  We are saved in the common salvation of us all. So, yes, it is true we are saved in Christ.