TRUST – I am trusting.

May 28th -

Today, let us put faith to work, let us have confidence in the power of love.  Let us rely on the expression of a loving God through us and our fellows.  We can take a chance, choose a confidant and then reveal our innermost self to them.  In doing this we count on courage and allow ourselves to trust the unfolding process that we are involved in. Consciously and unconsciously we are healing; we are continually evolving and changing into the people that we were meant to be.  Each day, as we allow Love to work in and through us we are bringing about great good. We are trusting that we will be cared for.  We trust that Spirit is with us and will bring us home safe and sound. We can release any fear; yes, we may still feel the fear, but we can move out in faith and trust anyway.  The fear dissipates as we apply our courage and step into trust.

PROCESS – I am in process.

May 27th -

INSIGHT – I am gaining insight.

May 26th -

Our capacity to see the truth is expanding.  Our efforts at inventory are allowing us to gain an accurate picture of our present condition. Our understanding of ourselves and others is deepening through this work.  Intuition is a growing awareness that operates at a level we may not have been previously aware of.  We begin to quickly see straight through to our own previously hidden motivations. Our judgement clears as ignorant fear is lifted. Appreciation of our own attributes and those of others mitigates our previously negative outlook. Over time our view becomes so refined that we easily penetrate the illusions of the ego.  We are moving out of the darkness into the light, out of grievance into gratitude, out of the cell of self-centeredness into the freedom of self-knowledge.

UNGUARDED – I am open.

May 25th -

We all have secrets, or perhaps we have already revealed all of our secrets to someone else… probably not. And even if we have at some point, we possibly have acquired more.  Doubtless it is a good idea to have a confidant with whom we are totally honest so that when we find ourselves with a personal secret, we can unburden ourselves. First, if we have something important that we have not written about up to this point, let us now put it down on paper. In the course of this inventory have we left anything out?  Memory is affected by how we tell our stories.  Exaggeration and minimization changes how we think about and remember the events of the past.  Have we been dishonest in anything that we have written?  Let us disclose ourselves fully, at least on paper.  The old negative attributes of the past need to end. Let us open ourselves to change by relinquishing our secrets.

GOOD – I am good.

May 24th -

Is this hard to say?  Does it feel weird?  If, as we have said, God is all good and that we are a part of God, wouldn’t we then be good?  So, first and foremost we are good because we are a part of God.  Further we will find that our own will is actually Goodwill; if we don’t understand this right now, we will soon.  The essence of us is pure and loving spirit and that essence is trying to express itself in our thoughts and actions.  Spiritual attributes are present in our temporary abilities.  Today, let us review our strengths.  What are we good at?  What do we like to do?  What are our past accomplishments?  What goals would we like to accomplish (short-term and long-term)?  What are the strengths that we can bring to bear in our daily efforts?  What skills do we have? What talents have we demonstrated?  What qualifications have we earned?  Let us remember that our various abilities are symbols of our goodness and they are gifts to us and gifts we give to others.

KINDNESS – I am kind.

May 23rd -

The Buddha calls us to loving kindness, all other spiritual paths also address this tenet in one way or another.  This practice enables us to extend good thoughts and actions to others.  We affirm happiness, peace and freedom from suffering for ourselves and all others.  Doing this is very difficult if we have been abused and if we, as a result, have become abusers.  Let us address these issues now. Have we been exploited, misused, manipulated or taken advantage of?  In what ways have we experienced cruelty, violence, neglect, molestation or any other ill-treatment?  Have we been the perpetrator of any of these?  Writing these things down will probably be painful, but it is the beginning of healing.  We can move on from abuse; we can get over being abused and even overcome being an abuser. Overtime, we will come to say, “May I be happy, may I be at peace, may I be free from suffering” and also “May you be happy, may you be at peace, may you be free from suffering”, and actually mean it.

SEX – I am Sensual?

May 22nd -

Okay, are we bodies or are we spirit? Some have said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  A Course in Miracles says that the body is not us, that it is neutral, and it will do as it is instructed.  ACIM also points out that the body should not be abused or neglected; further it is stated that the body is best used as a communications device, and that communication should be love.  So, as far as our sexuality is concerned it seems clear that it can be helpful or not... If based in self-centered need it will not be helpful.  Are we obsessed with sex or having sex with certain people who we see simply as objects of our desire?  Are we involved in any compulsive sexual activity?  Do we feel ashamed of our sexual proclivities, and is this because of societal pressures or because we may have hurt some of our partners? Bodies are trying to connect, not just as a biological imperative, but as a natural spiritual desire to return to oneness.  Let our connections be steps on the path that returns us to Love.

HARMONY – I am in harmony.

May 21st -

When we have inner conflict, it is impossible to be in harmony with those around us. Our personalities, being fragmented, project their own disquiet out into the world we see.  We should ask ourselves which attributes in us are causing disruptions with others.  Can we be intimate without being needy?  Are we looking for others to make us feel whole?   We could list the people we feel anxious around.  Who are we in discord with right now and why?  To be harmonious is to be in agreement with; what could we do to come into agreement with those around us?  What would it feel like to be in accord with others; further what would it feel like to be in coherence with life itself?   What are the issues that we are struggling with right now?  Write them down, get a picture of them in mind, and then ask, “what would it look like if this fight was over”?  What would it take on our part to come to peace and harmony?

FEARLESS – I am willing to release fear.

May 20th -

We can go from fearful to fearless. It is not that we will not from time to time experience fear; it will still present, we just learn to let it go.  We will also sometimes think we have a need to be in control.  These control issues arise from self-centered fear.  We may be afraid we will not get what we want, or worse that we will lose what we have.  These fears could be about material things or they could be concerns about emotional situations…no matter, if we believe that we are cared for by Creation we can have faith that we will not lose but gain.  Positive results we begin to occur from our first attempts at this deep surrender. When fear arises, we just notice it, there is no need to suppress it.  Just notice and accept that this is just a passing experience.  Check it out, what does it feel like?  Where did it come from and where does it want to go?  Let the fear be whatever it wants to be, examine the feeling and then notice that if we keep our attention on it, it changes. It changes and then we know that it is not us, that it is just a temporary flavor, a bad taste, that came to pass.

LIVE – I am willing to live.

May 19th -

We have animated a body and still we do not live.  We have consciousness of a self that does not really exist.  We ignore the present and thereby totally miss out on life as it happens.  Self-centered living will never be sufficient, we have already seen that self-seeking is never satisfied.  Remembering that alone we are powerless, and that Help is available, we can continually release the machinations of ego.  When we decide to turn our will and life over to the care of a loving God, we are not abdicating our responsibilities, we are deciding to live by spiritual principles.  One of those principles is to take the help that is offered.  We still have a life to live.  This new way of life will be different in our approach. We begin each task with a sense of connectedness, feeling that we are part of family and community.  This connection is a direct result of attaching ourselves and our efforts to a Power greater than ourselves.  We renew our energy for life each time we decide to access the God of our understanding.