POWER – I am energized.

July 15th -

Inspiration and direction are often the result of our meditation, this inspiration is a power unto itself, it contains all the energy we need to accomplish the task which we are directed to.  The power we seek is not control or authority or command but rather the fuel for our efforts, the divine fire to run the engine of our heart’s desire.  We will find that if we rely on the shared power of the larger Self, rather than the very limited resources of the ego we will have more than enough energy to carry out our mission of the moment.  As we take appropriate action we may be surprised to find that our inspiration increases and with it the power to accomplish whatever comes next. We move forward propelled by the energy extended to us by creation and which our own efforts extend to those around us. We see our service as a reflection of Love and that in turn provides even more power for us to use in the extension of still more love and service.

CONNECT – I am connecting.

July 14th -

 Mind wandering will occur.  In meditation our purpose is to connect, to connect with Being.  We focus on the breath and endeavor to simply be. As we sit quietly in our meditation how many thoughts will occur?  It takes great time and practice to come to the silent place of no thought.  Even after many years of practice the mind will still wander from time to time. This should not be a concern because the concern itself is just another unwanted thought.  We learn to accept whatever comes with awareness.  We accept the thought or distraction, examine it, and let it go. We connect with the spaciousness of being, and then when we are drift, we simply reconnect.  Our discipline is to be aware of whatever is happening, but we can always remind ourselves that however disruptive a thought or emotion is we are always firmly rooted in the ground of Being.

CONCENTRATE – I am focusing.

July 13th -

 Our practice prepares us for greater concentration, not for its own sake considerable though that may be, but for the power it gives us in pursuing our heart’s desire.  When we put our full attention on the direction we want to go, that is generally where we end up. Keeping our vision squarely on the goal we are able to easily go around, over, or through any seeming obstacle. Intention plays a huge role in accomplishing that which is in front us.  Our first intention is to do no harm, or even better, to be most helpful in each endeavor.  It is fine to have secondary goals which seem to involve our personal wellbeing as long as we keep the first goal first. In this way we able to see that the personal is just transitory and not that important in the larger view, but we are still able to enjoy the experience as it happens.  This primary focus also keeps us from tripping over ego desires which mostly cause more suffering.

MISSION – I am a missionary.

July 12th -

Our mission involves the short-term tasks that lead to our long-term goals. It is the undertaking of our purpose. It is probably not an exercise in trying to change other people’s minds.  Evangelizing is really not very attractive, being mostly an overbearing ego exercise. Instead we might decide to let our light shine, expressing compassion, understanding and love in our daily lives. With no need to get other people to do what we think they should do we are free to help them find their own way.  We are on a mission from Being in which we allow others to just be, and then celebrate that being with them.  Start the day with thanksgiving for purpose, how wonderful it is to practice the presence of Love in each thing that we do.  We play close attention as each task unfolds in and of itself.  We bless those around us in mostly silent ways, until perhaps we are guided to a kind word or act. We are missionaries wherever we are and wherever we go.

PURPOSE – I am inspired by my purpose.

July 11th -

Happiness and fulfillment come from pursuing purpose. We can always return to purposeful activity.  Anytime we lose direction let us remember that we have important work to do. We have heard it said that our function is forgiveness.  To forgive is to see things differently, to see through the apparent problems and injuries to the ultimate love of Life for the various aspects of itself. We see things as they are, all connected and moving toward the common welfare. We use our own gifts to give to that effort. Giving love in prayer and in action.  We go through the moments of each day giving service to each and everyone we meet.  When we forget, when we err in our attempts we just stop and make a correction. Beginning again we focus on our task, which is the work of our lives, to give love and service in all things.  To be helpful, releasing our own suffering as we attempt to alleviate that same suffering in others, this is our purpose and our privilege.

SEE – I am a visionary.

July 10th -

In mindfulness we practice seeing clearly.  Aware of present experience we can accept what appears without emotion. Observing how this appearance shows up, we can also observe how it changes as we apply loving kindness to it. Compassionate thought and action come forth to heal division.  We become able to use our shared power to help create a new reality.  Our vision can become reality, and it is important to remember that a dark vision can be just a powerful in effect as a vision of light. So, we sit quietly, allowing the love in our heart to flow out into the world.  We see this love as a light to which all darkness can be presented.  All darkness brought to light will dissipate…see this happening right now.  Any upset or regret, any worry or concern brought to light and then healed. We should also be aware that all people everywhere have their own ability to envision a life free of suffering, and we trust that they will do so. We release them to their own vision and their own gifts, knowing that we need not interfere.

IMAGE – I am imaginative.

July 9th -

The world is an image, a reflection of our inner condition.  If we wish to change the world, we begin by changing our inner view. We can establish a vision of our desires.  The heart’s longing is for harmony.  So, we can feel peace and harmony thereby extending it into the world.   Love connects us to all of life and so desires good for all life.  We can extend Goodwill to everyone, to every living thing.  Whatever good images come to mind we send them forth to bless the world; sometimes it’s just a prayer or affirmation, sometimes we will be inspired to act in some beneficial way.  We picture a world free from suffering and then we begin to see ways in which we can help. Peace, prosperity, abundance, and love flow from our vision into our actions to benefit all of life. Social change, justice and harmony are the results of that which begins on the inside.  Sometimes our vision may seem far-fetched, even impossible, but if we put our own faith into action miracles will occur.

ENCOUNTER – I am meeting life.

July 8th -

Pause and center yourself in the breath.  Let us become aware of the presence of the life that is within us.  This awareness is just the beginning.  This life that we are experiencing springs from the life we feel within us.  It is the very power of Creation expressing as us.  Knowing this, it is not hard to realize that this same power is expressing through others, we can begin to sense the presence of Creation in all of those around us. We see that this presence is everywhere in everyone and in everything.  With continued practice we see creation in situations and circumstances.  We no longer feel that we at the mercy of chance events, that in fact, each encounter is a holy one.  Each chance meeting is the coming together of that which is already one.  When we feel at home wherever we are awe do not have to clash with our surroundings. Feeling connected to those we are with, confrontation and combat come to an end.  In this moment, each encounter is a holy one.

CULTIVATE – I am cultivating.

July 7th -

Our practice on this day is to encourage positive states of mind. This, of course, does not mean that we suppress more negative states.  As always, we notice and accept everything that arises in the mind. We just nurture the pleasant, allowing whatever enjoyment is there to be fully experienced.  We foster uplifting thoughts by allowing them flow unimpeded through our consciousness as they water the garden of our mind.  Water the flowers, pull the weeds…this simple instruction keeps our inner yard looking good.  Any negative thoughts and experiences are not avoided, we just don’t immerse ourselves in them.  We allow them to come and go naturally without extrapolating more negation from them. Substituting one thought for another we can, without aversion, move from the unpleasant or mundane to the sublime. We further develop higher states as we fully savor those moments.

CORRECTION – I am correcting mistakes.

July 6th -

Today we make corrections where necessary.  We need not be afraid to admit our wrongs.  When we make mistakes, we stop and correct the error.  This means we are no longer bound by the past. We instantly forgive and clean the slate.  We let go of the past and begin anew.  Every time that we make a correction, we open a new opportunity for growth and for the further unfolding of spirit.  We choose to exercise our spiritual power and potential.  This power enables us to become a wiser, healthier and more peaceful person than we were before.  We will experience growth through the use of correction.  We choose not to hide mistakes any longer.  We carry with us the understanding we gain from the experience, but we let go of all guilt and regret.  We release ourselves and all others from the limitations of error.