CONSISTENCY – I am ready.

September 21st-

Today we stick with it, we focus on service and we become reliable in all of our responses. Ritual is important; it keeps us focused and on track. To be most effective though we must remember what it all means, not just going through the motions. It is recommended that we begin each day with mindful meditation or some other prayerful endeavor that clarifies our intentions. Relax and breathe; focus on that breath allowing the body to relax, the mind to calm and the spirit to speak. After our quiet time, as we move into action we will return again and again to breath in order to focus on our mission. Our constancy of loving service comes from the uniform application of principle in our all of our actions. This evenness is possible only when we are able to stop at the first sign of upset or self-centered concerns. We take a moment to surrender ego and return our attention to working for the common welfare. Stable and dependable we continue our work.

SUFFER – I am free.

September 20th -

We can be free from suffering. Oh, yes, it will most likely return in some form or another, but then we can free ourselves again. Where does it come from?  Apparently, we continue to try to hold on to pleasant things and avoid unpleasant ones. This cyclical exercise grieves us. Our hearts ache at seeming loss, and when we observe the material world it is easy to see nothing but eventual loss. Everything we want, everything we have will eventually disappear. No matter how hard we grasp we cannot long hold the sands of time. This clutching makes it impossible for us to live fully right now. When we accept that all things come and go, we have made a choice for freedom. We become an example to others of how they might experience their own release from pain.  Likewise, with avoidance; running from the pain only prolongs it, we can be free only by accepting our present condition and looking into its nature. Staying with present experience we become able to allow it to change without suffering.

VISION – I am seeing differently.

September 19th -

Today any suffering that I observe, I will see it differently. I am no longer confused as to what forgiveness is; forgiveness is a total letting go. I will let go of petty judgements and look for the healing of any hurtful situation. Forgiveness is not "letting someone off the hook," it is not saying that the harm done was "not that big a deal," and it is not putting up with "bad" behavior. We do not have "get over it" or let someone "get over" on us. These terms are a smoke screen for judgement, and judgement means suffering and separation. We remedy all suffering and separation simply by seeing that suffering and separation are real only in the small self. They are not real in spirit and so they exist only in shadows of my mind. I see the truth, that only Spirit exists and that in Spirit we are all one and that in oneness there is no suffering. I will hold this vision of Light in my mind and I will bring any shadow that comes to me into that light where it will dissipate.

SERVICE – I am on purpose.

September 18th -

It is easy to become confused about purpose, in the past we have felt that we really didn’t have a purpose but now we know. Although our individual daily efforts are not known, what is apparent is that our over-arching endeavor is to be helpful. Service in all things is our long-sought goal. We will not be perfect in practice but we can be perfectly clear that our purpose will not change. With this in mind we can approach all of our decisions with this question, what is most helpful? Forgiveness is especially effective here; if we feel intimidated or uncomfortable with a situation the first thing we do is forgive that appearance. Once that is accomplished we seek guidance in silence, waiting patiently for the knowledge of what to do next. Be assured, guidance will come. Keep only one thing in the forefront of the mind, “how can I best be of service?”

UNFETTERED – I am unfettered.

September 15th -

We can be free from repression right now. There is no further need for old unrealistic ideas to bind us. We no longer allow negative thinking about our minds or bodies to hold us back. We can let these erroneous ideas go. We are perfect children of God, and the yearnings of the body are just desires for oneness with Creation. Look beyond any seeming barriers, keeping an open mind and focusing on Love. A particular lifestyle does not bind us. We have the strength of mind and the faith to step out, to move onward and upward toward freedom. Through our prayers, we stay aware of the presence of God – our source of strength. We are no longer willing to be victim to our habitual-negative thinking or the opinions of others. We are able to move forward because we are free and unlimited through God’s spirit within us. As long as no one is harmed, we can allow our energy to express freely.

HARMONIOUS – I am in harmony.

September 14th -

Life can be harmonious; we can bring harmony to our personal, business and social life.  As we start this new day, concerns about what is to come may seem almost overwhelming. Let us remember that we can find peace if I turn my attention to the presence of divine Love. We relax, release, and let go right now. Focus on the breath; breathing in the presence of God and breathing out the power of God. Soon, we are uplifted and energized. God is always there, just waiting for us to notice. From this calm place, we can see that everything is in divine order. We put first things first, getting our good characteristics in front of our personalities. In our dealings with others today, we can be kind and responsive. We commit to following our inner-guide, and everything flows together efficiently. In this way, life comes into harmony; all things are working together for good. We are one with the Creator, and we are creating wonderful, harmonious life experiences.

RELEASE – I am letting go.

September 13th -

Today, we let people be, we allow them their own decisions. We can extend love to them without feeling any need to govern behavior. Connections grown stronger as we stop clinging and let people do as they will. We can release any need to judge or to punish others. We need desire only good to come to all.  Sometimes old hurts come to mind and then it is a challenge to practice this principle, but we can always forgive again. We can extend forgiveness to all who need it, beginning with ourselves. As this practice unfolds, the need for control fades. We find it easy to accept that people will do as they will. We no longer feel threatened, loved ones don’t need to be with us every moment. We let them go to be and do what they desire. Thinking in this way we become able to be happy for the happiness of others.

FREEDOM – I am free to be and do.

September 12th -

We are free to grow and develop and do whatever is ours to do. In the past, we may have been confused and unsure of what our place in the world was. Living and seeing through the filter of past hurts, we have limited ourselves to reliving all of the old patterns over and over again. No more! We are free right here and right now. Keeping our attention in the present moment, focusing on the eternal now, we are totally free. Nothing can harm us in reality, because nothing can harm spirit.  In the moment, we are clear and we can enjoy life and the people we share life with. Our heart’s desire speaks to us and through us as we extend love and service to all whom we meet. Let us claim our inheritance, and leave the upset and pain of the past behind. Today, we are free to be; we are free to do all that enriches us.

AUTONOMOUS – I am self-governing?

September 11th -

Having awakened from self-centeredness (Steps 1-12), we are aware that the common welfare is actually in our own personal best interest (Tradition 1), and we no longer need to force our personal agenda on everything and everyone (Tradition 2). We entered a state of mind in which we can accept people as they are (Tradition 3), we now allow everyone the freedom to do as they will, including ourselves. So, we are autonomous, and so is everyone else. This may be confusing because in the past, we found that our self-direction was in error much of the time. We can reconcile this concern by remembering that we are now aligning our will with Goodwill and allowing a power greater that ourselves to guide us. We have also learned that self-sufficiency is an illusion unless the we find our sufficiency in the Greater Self. Still, we are self-governing and we need to make decisions.  Today let those choices be ones that we make with God.

HUMBLE – I am humble.

September 10th -

Today let us accept our true selves; meaning we have true humility. Not putting on airs, but being able to be who we are without trying to act like something else. In the quiet of this moment we consider who it is we really are, we seem to be bodies with personalities and these should also be accepted but these are not who we truly are. We may not be happy with our personalities or our bodies but we can accept their present conditions. So, we may be unhappy with our personalities but we are more than that; we may be unhappy with our bodies, but we are much more than our bodies. We find ourselves falling short in our activities, but we are not our activities. We are pure spirit. We are the very expression of God. We are creation in action. This is a wonderful view. If we hold to this perspective, our issues with our bodies and our actions, will not only fall away they will most likely be totally healed.