DENIAL – I am aware.

October 15th -

Refusing to accept something that is not true is just good thinking; whereas denial of the truth is just delusional. Delusion is the part of our thinking mind that is fooling us into thinking that our self-absorbed pursuit of pleasure is going to fix us.  Delusion also tells us that the avoidance of pain is the same thing as healing the pain. Defensiveness guards the threshold of our awareness, doing its best to keep the truth from entering.  There are really two levels of truth that we are concerned with here: first the truth about what is happening in the material world, second the truth that transcends the world.  The problem is that if we deny what seems to be happening to us in the outer, we will never be able to come to the Greater inner truth. So today let us release the delusions and stop denying any unmanageability in our lives, so that together we can overcome it.

CREATION – I am creative.

October 14th -

Creation is extending.  Love extends strength to us and then we extend love back.  The heavy load we carry in the material world is the shadow of the heavy load of fear that world itself carries.  Creation, the extension of love, manifests itself as all of the qualities that we need to move through our experiences in this world with calm and peaceful purpose.  Happiness is available right now.  Creation is speaking joy to us in this moment, hear it saying: "You are my perfect child."  Make a gift to God in this moment; give him all of your worries and concerns, hear him say: "This gift I receive with love and thereby turn it to Love."  In this way are all of our distractions forgiven and made peaceful.  In this way, our efforts in the world change from burdens of responsibility to joys of privilege.  Creation is extending through us giving us the ability to give our various gifts to the world.  As we continue to give with love our perception of this place changes from conflict to harmony.  Whereas we saw a desert we now see a garden.

REMINDED – I am reminded of eternity.

October 13th -

 Somewhere deep within a cord has been struck, we are remembering home.  Our home, our true place is in the eternal realm of our Creator.  Our Father is waiting for our remembrance.  The kingdom is not completed without us.  The song of life cannot be sung without our participation.  As we get quiet today, let us attempt to remember our ancient place.  Let us hear the singing of angels and add our voice to the harmony.   Our combined music is at work right now awakening our brothers and sisters from their slumber, reminding us all of our place in this cosmic symphony.  Heaven's melody rings clear in our hearts, vibrating with the love that wipes away the chaotic clangor of fear.  Beyond space/time we exist; faceless, nameless, the same as… together in everlasting Spirit.  Our song is the extension of love and life which rings forever down the halls of eternity.

RECALLED – I am recalled to Heaven.

October 12th -

God is calling us back into the kingdom right now.  We are remembering that the kingdom of heaven is not the land of the is actually the home of Life.  So, it is not a place where we go after the body dies, but a state of mind that is available right now.  We are summoned to the state where all life is eternally one.  It is our natural place and we are most welcome there.  It is the new habitation of peace (Jerusalem) in which we attain our true identity.  The voice for God speaks to us at all times and in all places.  The Holy Spirit evokes awareness of our birthright and elicits our grateful response.  We are children of God and as such we inherit the kingdom of God.  For too long we have languished here in the shadows of the material world.  Make a point today to listen for the still small voice of God which is really speaking to us in all places and at all times.  Listen and be recalled to paradise.

PROSPERITY – I am prosperous.

October 10th

Prosperity is not accomplished through envy. Abundance comes not from wishing, saying “If only this or that or the other thing, then everything would be alright”. Prosperity is not the result of greed.  Greed, as we know, can never be satisfied.  We are prosperous when we recognize that everything we have need of is already given.  Our spiritual wellbeing is the spring from which abundance flows.  When we relax into this flow, prosperity continues in all ways. There is never a need to compare our prosperity with that of others. We are able to be happy for the happiness of others.  Today we can delight in the good fortune of us all. Let us rejoice in the prosperity or success that is available to us.  We go out of our way to observe the goodness coming to others and that which is coming from them.  Today, we will release any feeling of envy and participate in the joy of others. Our capacity for joy is unlimited when we observe and experience happiness in other’s good.

ARISE – I am rising.

October 10th -

Today, we rise up in consciousness.  We consciously raise our thoughts to God.  We arise from all illness.  We ascend to Heaven, not in some fairy tale after death scenario but right now.  We replace the nightmare of self-centeredness with a new dream, a happy dream.  We dream of healing and then awaken whole and healthy.  We release any dark thoughts concerning sickness; we let go of all disease, dysfunction, or disorder of body or mind.  We feel at home, perfect and serene.  Let us release all thoughts of threat or attack as want and lack fade into the light of God.  We give up wandering from one painful scenario to another.  We give all suffering into the hands of Spirit and we are guided into joy and bliss.  Centered in our quiet, inner sanctuary we are free from darkness and death...we have arisen into Unity and Love.  We hear the voice of Jesus saying: “Get up from your sick bed, go forth, and sin no more”.

PRINCIPLE – I am part of the first principle.

October 9th -

 A principle is a source, an origin, or a cause.  The first principle is one that stands on its own, without the need for support from any other thing.  There is a first principle that is the basic description of reality itself.  This very first principle is self-evident but still seems to be debated.  Not theory but law, this principle is the very foundation of existence. The first principle is Love.  Creation and creator as one. “Love is” is the simple truth.  “Love is all” speaks to the unity of life.  “Love is all there is” further defines the nature of the universe. “Love is all there is and nothing else is” points out that anything we believe, think about, feel or see that is not Love, is not real. Love, the first principle, is that from which all things, all life springs.  We arise out of Love.  God is Love and we are Love.  We are the effect of that first principle.  We are a nuance of Infinite Love.

FLUX – I am stable.

October 8th -

We need not be in flux.  All things in the outer are changing.  We can observe change all around us.  The world changes, everything in it changes.  The seasons wax and wane.  Our bodies change, our life experience changes. As we watch everything changes. This observation is correct only in the physical world.  Each change is just a turn of perception that leads us either to further alienation or to reality of oneness.  Change in the environment (mental or physical) reflects our belief.  Fluidity is an aspect of the material world and it can be positive or negative.  Instability raises fear, which is its designer’s intention. Reality in the material world is an oxymoron, because it is always subject to perspective which means it is not stable.  When we know that God, being love, does not change we are free from flux.  We begin to see when we realize that change is constant in the world but not in Reality.

ENGAGED – I am engaging.

October 7th -

 Let us engage the world.  We are involved with the world and the world is involved with us.  Understand that our perception of the world depends upon our own thinking, meaning that what we think is what we see.  As we change our thinking, our view of the world will change. That notwithstanding, we still are called to take part.  If we were not so engrossed with the machinations of the ego, our participation in life would be much more satisfying.  We have a message to carry and so we go out into the world as we presently experience it and carry the message that it is not as it seems! Wanting to alleviate suffering, we are moved to interact with others, bringing love to all of our daily lives. Our most powerful service will be the extension of love; we identify with each other by releasing comparisons, by looking for the similarities.  In the employ of spirit, we are used to good effect.

TRUE – I am for real.

October 6th -

The eleventh instruction in the One Spirit wedding ceremony is: “Take off the masks, abandon art and artifice, be genuine and true.”  How many relationships are impaired by our façade? Pretense blocks intimacy, we cannot con our way to closeness.  Previously we may have been afraid to show people who we really are, no more! Presenting ourselves in an honest way takes a little courage but will pay great dividends. Much better to take a chance on authenticity than to continue in the isolation of pretentiousness.  What is this fear anyway?  We may think that if people really knew who are, they would be repelled, so we extend a false front to keep them at bay.  That really works, our fellows are kept at bay, they never know us, and we will never truly know them.  Today, let us risk our fragile egos, let us reach out to others in tender and caring ways, exposing our true selves in an effort at true connection.