STRENGTH – I am strong.

January 24th -

Let us learn the loving lessons of this day.  The is a strength in us that cannot be depleted, each task we undertake in the service of Spirit actually increases our strength.  Only by becoming obsessed with self-gratification can we temporarily lose any of this power.  We have found that our inner strength is greater than our problems and greater than our personalities.  It is the ability to take responsibility for our lives.  It results in quiet confidence.  Strength allows us to give that which we have received without worrying that we will somehow lose.  Each and every demonstration of generosity increases our confidence, which results in more receiving and more giving.  Each gift grows, imbuing both giver and receiver with ever increasing blessings.  Evidence will be provided as needed, proof seen day by day and act by act.   Let us become expressions of divine strength, living demonstrations of the love of God that is always present.

COMMIT – I am committed.

January 23rd -

 Let us dedicate ourselves to living amazing lives.  We can devote our time, talent and treasure to transforming suffering into peace.  This activity will never burn us out or use us up.  Love is self-renewing.  Paying attention to what is happening right now, asking for guidance and then moving into proper service; these are the steps to loving interaction.  Eternity is now, the continual progression of linear time is an illusion.  The past is gone, and the future never comes, it is always right now.  This apparent sequence of one thing after another can serve a purpose in the remembrance of Reality; it can teach us to pay attention so that we notice the opportunities to be truly helpful.  The lesson of every moment is to use it to extend of ourselves. Our continuing stream of experiences can be used as a medium that transports us back to our original state or those same experiences can just reaffirm our self-centered state.  Let us proceed according to our choice.

WITNESS – I am a witness.

January 22nd -

A spectator is limited by perception, the perception is determined by the particular perspective of the viewer. Where we stand, the position we have taken up, the angle we look from all become the basis of our evaluation.  This is true in the physical world but clearly applies to the mental landscape as well.  All of our preconceived ideas play a role in how we interpret what we think about and how we assess each situation.  The extension of love always attests to the presence of God.  Forgiveness confirms that what we previously perceived was seen from an erroneous vantage point. The Holy Spirit cleans the lens, clears our field of vision and allows true vision.  We then are able to share that which is real.  The power of faith lends credibility to our message and helps others to also see.  This does not come through wishing or begging in some superstitious way.  Fantasy is just an escape mechanism; we should recognize that the conditions we want to escape from are not, in themselves, real.

BEGIN – I am beginning.

January 21st -

Today is a new opening.  It can be the commencement of present love or remain stuck in past misinterpretation. Viewing life from a fresh perspective starts something good and finishes an old way that did not work.  More than that, loving eyes see through all past mistakes to the underlying shared spirit; meaning that it is practical time-travel. Staying totally present, we are able to alter all of our memories of the past which heals the hurt and then amazingly, continues to build a beautiful future.  Our ability to relax into the love that is always with us, combines with our willingness to let go of perceived threats and releases us from our previous suffering.  Each forgiving thought confirms who we are, every kind word declares our function, and each loving action verifies our holy purpose.  Today let us declare a new beginning that reaches from this moment, into the past and then frees the future from any historical limitations.

THOUGHTS – I am thoughtful.

January 19th -

We are a part of the divine Mind.  Our mind is part of God’s Mind.  We are thoughts in the Mind of God.  We have mostly forgotten this, but sometimes we remember dimly.  Our task is to remember more fully.  We use our small minds for opinions and different views, and judgements, and false beliefs; all of these are the fearful thoughts make the material world.  Fear rules this world and we suffer in it.   All of our reactions to it are just more fearful thoughts which keep the illusion of danger and separation going.  We can choose differently, we can consider some new ideas, we can contemplate an end to suffering, we can reflect on the Loving thoughts that change things.  Loving thoughts have the power to change past pain into present healing.  This is more than a half-baked philosophy with some weak notions of new age psycho-babble which don’t even scratch the surface of reality.  True inspiration leads to actions in the world that generate feelings of goodwill, which reflect the loving thoughts, that evidence of a belief in the Unity of all life.

PRAYER – I am prayerful.

January 19th -

 We have heard it said that prayer heals, the idea that God is accessed through prayer in which we change God’s mind concerning a person’s sickness or a painful situation and that then God grants the healing.  It would seem that this view of God and of prayer is pretty offensive. At best this idea says that God is not paying attention to suffering and that by our intervention we call attention to the problem. At worst it implies that God is fickle, petty and changeable. Let us reject these disturbing images and change our view.  Prayer is not begging God for reprieves, not for ourselves or for others.  We open communication with God through prayer, not like a phone call but rather by releasing that which distracts us from the connection. The highest prayer sees through the apparent disease or dysfunction straight through to love of God that lies at the core of us all.  The love of God is payload that is delivered by the channel prayer.   That Love then heals it all.

MARVEL – I am a wonder.

January 18th -

When addressing his students, the Buddha would begin with the salutation, “Oh, nobly born”.  Jesus tells us we are all children of God, heirs to the eternal kingdom.  Rumi state, “My silence is because of my nobility.  I have an answer to every word.  However, I first check whether the word is a word and then check whether the human is a human.”  All this wisdom suggests that we have magnificent origins and splendid potential; the ego wants to think that it is some personal superiority, but then would deny it publicly for itself.  Our elders were not speaking of or to our ego; they were stating a fact of our shared identity.  We have great internal powers that can be manifested in the world that we have made. Any attempt to use whatever talents we have for the purpose of impressing others, or to appear to be better than those around us, will only result in some very surface rewards.  Wonder will come when totally relaxed into our identity, we access love on purpose.

RECEIVE – I am giving.

January 17th -

That which we receive, we give and then we receive again.  Love is giving what has been received; not in the sense of “give and take” but rather in a free flow between us.  Love is not really to be traded, but when we extend it simultaneously returns to us.  Every loving word, each loving act, even one loving thought… all of these heal. These communications relate the truth of our being; we become cause, and our effect is then the total suspension of the material world.  Spirit multiplies our efforts, to ensure that our every attempt at forgiveness is not only successful but also blesses everyone involved.  In the material world where everything is unitized, exchanges are barters; we give one thing in exchange for another.  We may even feel that we give and don’t get anything. In Spirit there is no such swap, there is no shortchange; the love we give is the love that we receive.  These gifts only grow with the giving.

HEALING – I am healing.

January 16th -

 We are having a nightmare in which we have a plague of problems.  The ego has an emptiness that cannot be filled.  Driven to get more of everything is the prescription for a non-existent condition that we have taken on in our minds.  The universe is abundant, more importantly we are a part of that very abundance.  When we are not “feeling it” we have fallen into fear; it is then that we need a change in perspective.  Realizing that our present perception is fixed from a vantage point that is continually changing we understand that our feelings are only a temporary condition. So, temporarily we need help with a mistake that we have made.  Help is available, there is someone in our lives that has what we need.  We should accept the gift, and then be prepared to, somewhere down the line, extend a similar boon to someone else. Momentarily we may have a need which someone else has, in the moment, the ability to fill; sometime later the roles may be reversed.

PURE – I am purified.

January 15th -

We can all have miracles, actually they are available in every moment.  Love is flowing, the issue is that we have introduced all sorts of pollutants into the stream.  We tend to focus on the flotsam and jetsam, calling our attention to the very things that keep us from being aware of the presence of God.  All of these contaminants are of our own making, they are manufactured and then enter the current of ongoing consciousness. They have only one purpose and that is to distract us from what is happening in the present moment.  The continued perception of the dead past courses through our thoughts, blocking out all of the Good that is here right now. We have the ability to strain out these impurities.  We acknowledge that we are having these experiences, receiving them as we would a gift, we notice where they come from and where they go, finally we stop identifying with them.  These thoughts and feelings are not us, they are just passing states of mind.