DIRECT – I am direct.

September 22nd -

We have a message to carry; it is not personal because it involves everyone. It is the simple idea that we are loved. God is not mad at us now and has never been mad at us.  This is the message, we do not own it, it is freely given from Spirit and it is for everyone.  As we carry this message remembering it is not our own, we would do best to remember to be direct.  Let us be honest and straightforward, not having to soften or change it in any other way. We are frank and candid in our approach to our fellows.  As part of our work, we take the time to point out anything contrary to our message that is causing suffering to others.  If people disagree, we do not fight about it.  The truth needs no defense, and it is not necessary to try to change anyone’s mind.  It is also silly to try to get someone else tell another person what we think that other person needs to hear.  We are direct in our words and we speak them directly to those who need to hear them.

BARGAIN – I am free of bargains.

September 21st -

We are not here to bargain with one another for our perceived wants and needs.  We are here to give freely without conditions.  Compromise can be the slavery of expectations, or it can reflect goodwill.  We have made contracts with those around us that we will act in certain way as long as others act in similar ways.  Many times, these agreements have not even been made known to the other person.  We have set the expectations in our mind and then we judge against anyone who does not meet them.  As long as someone goes along with our terms we treat them with some measure of kindness, but should they transgress they are punished.  Today we release everyone from former bargains and let them be.  In that release lies our own freedom as well as the freedom of the world.  Now we can give the way we are designed to give...without thought of reward.  The gift is in the giving.  Now we are free to be who we really are, and we have freed our brothers and sisters to be likewise.

MARTYR – I am released from martyrdom.

September 20th -

Martyrdom is the ultimate ego trip.  For the martyred it is a monument to their sacrifice.  For the witness, it is a cause for revenge.  Both of these are exercises in futility and suffering.  Today we stop accepting the enmity of others.  In the past, we may have simply suffered in silence when injury was offered from our brothers.  This is not helpful...we still feel the hurt and witness the injustice and then take on the role of the sacrificed.  Focus instead on seeing things differently, let the hurt of those who offer injury be healed along with the hurt of the injured, for they are the same.  Recognize only the light in all, see how any darkness brought to the light dissipates.  Forget the injury in truth and in light.  See it fading away before the love of God.  No one guilty, no one sacrificed, none to suffer...this is the path of forgiveness, the path back to our true Home.  Mistakes can be corrected.

CORRECTION – I am correcting.

September 19th -

Again, we have responsibility for our efforts, together we have shared responsibility.  We practice this responsibility by correcting mistakes.  Our mistakes are not indelible stains.  The old paradigm of universal sinfulness is the tool of egos trying to keep other egos in check.  It feigns fellowship, but a fellowship which is mired in error.  "Sinners all, not one of us worthy of the love of God."  This is an attempt to say that our equality lies in our defects.  A spark of false hope is given in the offering of some personal salvation for those of who ask "Jesus" to come into them.  Here again is separation celebrated and made "real".  United in sin but capable of going separately to some strange heaven where few are allowed eternal life. This of course is the ultimate superiority.  We are together now and always.  None can be barred from eternity because then it would not be complete, which is impossible because Heaven is the kingdom of One-ness in which no separation exists.  So, we correct apparent mistakes that we are responsible for and move forward with our service.

COMMUNICATE – I am communicating.

September 18th -

Let us be open and receptive.  We listen to others and then we share openly with them.  A simple prayer we can use in this regard is, “Let me hear what I need to hear so that I might share what needs to be shared”. We have heard it said that it is prudent to listen twice as much we speak.  It is an oversimplification but we all understand the value of listening, of seeking to understand before we attempt to be understood.  Having an opinion is natural, having to hold on to an opinion is an impediment to true understanding.  Open-hearted communication frees us from self-centered distractions.  We know longer have to be caught up in the ego’s desire to be right. We become able to hear the truth clearly that we might share honestly in the most helpful way.   The ear and the eye working together through the heart interconnect us, allowing proper communication.

GREATER – I am part of something greater than my small self.

September 17th -

We have individual work to do and we have teamwork to participate in.  Something larger is at work in our lives and it is important that we work for something larger than our lives.  We remember that true service can only be done with concern for the common welfare and under the guidance of spirit.  This is where the miracles actually occur.  When we give our efforts to the God of our understanding, the results are always better. Miracles happen as a result of us relying on Spirit to show us the way.  The way to the proper extension of love through our service is the way of Spirit. We can relax into the comfort of that which is greater than ego.  We find in this calm peaceful space the power to do that which we could never do on our own. United in spirit with our brothers and sisters we go forth to do the good work that needs doing.

SERVE – I am serving.

September 16th -

Consider the status of the servant.  At first you might think of servants as “the help below stairs” or retainers or domestics.  Status can be the distraction that keeps us from ever becoming good servants.  Our position in our employment can be a source of pride or shame.  We may think that our value is tied up in our standing at work, and on the surface, it may be.  It is sure that our station in the material world is not the same as our rank in spirit. In spirit, of course, we are equal. In the material world we may be judged by our title or by our degree.  Regardless of these things when we focus on service, our approach to our work changes. Being of service is a calling that is over and above what we get paid for.  However, doing what we get paid for is best done with an intention of being of service. The most effective service is done in the spirit of giving our time and talent to the common welfare; paid or not. We remember Jesus saying: “and the greatest among you will be our servants”.

PRUDENT – I am practical.

September 15th -

Previously we determined to contribute according to our various abilities. We do this at home, at work, at school, and in the community.  When we don’t have the required personal expertise, we get help, we hire the help. The decision then becomes one of prudence.  We remain judicious in our expenditures, but also, we should be fair in the compensation we give for services we hire.  Prudent does not mean cheapskate.  Cost and benefits need to be compared.  Timing is also an important consideration, what would be sensible to do next week may not be feasible today. Far-sightedness, considering how our decisions and investments of this day will serve us in the future is also important.  Good judgment is fostered by considering the needs and the opinions of all of those involved.

OFFER – I have something to offer?

September 14th -

We each have something to offer.  We may have been trained in one discipline or another and the skills garnered there are indeed gifts we can give.  Probably we have some innate, natural attributes which should be also be cultivated.  Sometimes, seeking approval, we may be tempted to say yes to endeavors that will not end well.  Obviously, we should not volunteer to do something that we are not qualified for without first getting some help or instruction to improve our competence. We don’t need any degrees, certificates or specialized training to give love.  Yes, and love is the greatest gift and still grows through practice. Meaning the more we consciously give it the more it will we will have.  We are all, as A Course in Miracles reminds us, ministers of God. We may have thought it meant to have a title in the hierarchy of a religious organization, and it does, but that is not the most important meaning. To minister means to tend, to nurse, to comfort, to aid.  We offer what we have in an effort to care for those around us.

ANONYMOUS – I am the same as.

September 13th -

 Today we remember that our help to others is the help of equals giving to equals.  When we are guided to be helpful it is not from a lofty position to anthers lowly position.  We recognize that the service we give is a balancing.  Temporarily we have more of one thing or another which we are giving to a brother or sister who temporarily has less.  This is not some "grand" act designed to make ourselves feel better because we were able to save some poor wretch from their fate.  Seen that way we live as arrogant lords in castles of separation...these are the dwellings of ego and they need to be taken down brick by ignorant brick.  To see our siblings as "less than" and ourselves as "more than" is just another exercise in self-centeredness.  From here there is only more comparison and judgement.  Surely, we will see ourselves as "less than" and some other as "more than" and then reversed in some way because we cannot stand for it.  Let us start now, today to free ourselves from these crazy images by freeing those around us.  We are all equal, faceless, nameless, the same as.