Fulfilled – I am fulfilled.

July 13th-

Greed is what happens when the “if only” statement of covetousness are realized. Trying to fill our inner needs with outer phenomenon never quite does the job. We find ourselves unable to be satisfied. Greed shows itself in the mindless consumption. It is a difficult trait to change in a culture which seems to worship “more.” Thus, we a part of a society which has become a cancer upon the world. We are not only eating ourselves into obesity with our gluttony, we are eating the planet with our wanton consumerism. Someone once said, “we have a God shaped hole inside and we keep trying to fill it with everything else.”  Can we imagine a life where we got quiet before we ate, where we took a moment to consider before we ate the next bite or bought the next trinket? Can we envision a world where the unfettered appetites of us all were mitigated by a deep sense of connection with the community and the Holy? Allowing ourselves to be filled by Spirit, we can accomplish this vision.

GRATITUDE – I am grateful.

July 12th -

Grasping for what we do not have and avoiding some painful circumstances that we do have make for much suffering. Suffering for ourselves and those around us arises out of this covetousness. Usually associated with a desire to acquire for material things it also shows itself as “if only…”; “if only this or that or the other thing, then everything would be alright.” We can use the refrain in a grasping way or an avoiding way. It doesn’t matter which, the result is always unhappiness with the present condition. We remember that the desire for things and situations of the material world, while seemingly attractive, disappoint more than they satisfy. So, today, let us turn our attention to all the reasons to be grateful right now. Surely, if we do this we will become aware of the preciousness of life and of the beauty that is all around us, and this gratitude will draw even more good things to it.

CONGRATULATE – I am happy for the happiness of others.

July 11th -

Let us be happy for the good fortune of others. Any time that we are jealous of another’s good fortune, we set ourselves up for suffering. We can stop and change our mind. We understand that by begrudging the good of others, we block my own. Today, we celebrate the good that comes to everyone. We bless others and we become a blessing to others. We congratulate them and hope more good fortune for them. More than that, if we see success happening for someone, we can emulate them; looking for ways that we can learn from their example. Today, we can turn envy into blessings, we know that when we acknowledge that others deserve the good that comes to them we are also opening the way for our own good to come to me. So, we are happy; we celebrate the good fortune of others and more good fortune comes to us.

CONDITIONS – I am unconditional.

July 10th -

 Are we ready for a new way?  Let us see yourselves interacting with the world in a different way. We can begin by visualizing ourselves giving unconditional positive regard to the others in our life. One of the most common states of mind we have found ourselves in is expectation. We expect others to act in a way that we approve of, or in a way that benefits us, or in a way that we have asked them to. When they meet our expectations, we give something to them… could be approval or affection or some other outward sign that we are satisfied with them. When they don’t act as we prefer, we withhold. What would our lives be like if we could let go of our expectations and just allow people to be themselves. That doesn’t mean we must approve, just that we don’t hold anything against them.

FOUNDATION – I am inspired by the Holy Spirit.

July 9th -

The foundation of who we are was laid by Spirit. Positive change comes naturally from creative thought and action. Today, we can open our minds to all the possibilities. When we are open and receptive to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that inhabits us, we begin to see clearly. We can allow this spirit to guide us in what we should say and what we should do. There will be challenges throughout the day, but we can be assured that they are just the experience of the moment and that good things can grow out of them. We are learning how to eliminate the negative and see the good. From the foundation of Spirit comes an opportunity to be creative in handling all the possibilities that will arise this day.  We can see all the new people and situations that come to us today are blessings, and we can treat them as such.

RECREATION – I am releasing negative.

July 8th -

Let go of all mind dysfunction. Not interested in thoughts of worry, escape or fantasy we change our minds. We all need recreation, but true recreation is a resting and a building up of strength. Fantasy is not recreation, but rather, a waste of creative energy because its main tenet is that it can never happen. All the energy spent in escape from reality can be channeled into true creation.  Putting the resources of Mind together to creating that which we desire. Worry is just a negative prayer, one that given enough energy could possibly result in an unfortunate answer. An obsession with anything is also a waste and should be eliminated like any other waste, flushed from the mind. We allow any thoughts of escape, any obsessed thinking flow out and away from us. We do not have anything to escape from, the common abundance of the universe is my abundance. All the Good of God is ours to share. We let go of all dysfunction of mind.

RECOGNIZE – Let us lay aside our grievances.

July 7th -

Let’s see that we are holding our brothers and sisters hostage to our complaints. Just take a moment right now to picture a person in your life that you conflict with. The grievances come quickly to mind. Now, just allow yourself to lay those complaints aside and then see this person in a new light. Notice how they have changed. Recognize them as Son of God, just like you. Allow yourself to feel the love you have had all along for this person. Know, that if you decide to leave your complaints where you lay them, you can continue to feel this way.  Sometimes, it is tempting to blame others for problems. These grievances block us from the good that God has for us…they keep us locked into victim mentality. Let’s stop playing the victim, let us lay aside our grievances.

ORDERLY – I am in order.

July 6th -

Although sometimes it doesn’t seem so, but order is the way of the universe.  No matter how chaotic things may seem, God’s will, expressing as divine order, is available to us. The opportunity for good always exists in the present moment. Every person, every situation, everything that happens, it’s all in Divine order.  Life will flow from good to greater good as we become more receptive to the possibilities of creation that are always present. We have free will which is the ability to choose between Goodwill and something less than that. It is up to us; no one else can decide for us and no one else can cheat us out of experiences (good or bad). They are ours, and ultimately, we are in charge of our lives.  Order is present right now. Once we fully appreciate that process, we come to the understanding that we can’t be separated from it, and that our lives are cradled in divine order.

IMAGE – I am who I am.

July 5th -

Today, we decide who and what we want to be. There is an image of who we are in our hearts; It is the picture of the kind of people we want to be. We know that what we want is to be more loving and happier people. We want to be thankful and filled with the spirit of God. We want to be a decisive people who move into right action without fear. We see ourselves forgiving the past so that we can know the present. Today, let’s put these attributes in order with the Divine. Let’s order what we want to see in our lives. Let us decide what we want and then hold that image in our minds. Seeing ourselves as he child of God that we were meant to be.      

GOOD – I am good.

July 4th -

Let us realize there is goodness in us. It is important to know that our true identity does not change; it does not need to change. Only the surface behaviors… fear based reactions and such need to be changed. As we move through the process of change we focus on those attributes that have caused us pain, always remembering that at the deepest level we are already divine.  Holding to the positive, we are strengthened to change the negative. In our meditation today, let us visualize ourselves free of all ego’s restrictions. We see ourselves integrated into the magnificent oneness with Creation. We can affirm our intention to get proper rest, eat the right foods in the right quantity, staying physically active and mentally alert.  We can imagine ourselves moving through the day giving proper service in every situation that occurs. Today, let us embrace the good. When the negative begins to come forth, we simply bless it on its way and allow it to go.