WELCOME – I am relaxed.

November 30th -

We are wanted.  One of the major factors in the rising suicide rate is a sense of being a burden. We should understand that we are all integral parts of family and community. We are welcomed by life and we should welcome all parts of life into our experience.  Let us welcome the spirit of plenty, welcome new thoughts and new opportunities.  We should welcome the prosperity that comes naturally from creative thought and action. Today, we open our mind to all of the possibilities.  Be open and receptive to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that inhabits us.  Allow this spirit to guide us in what we should say and what we should do.  We welcome all the experiences this day has to offer.  Some will come disguised as trouble, but today we know how to eliminate the negative and see the good.  We welcome the opportunity to be creative in handling all of the possibilities that will arise this day.  We welcome all new people and situations that come to us today, knowing that they all represent the abundance of Creation.

RELAX – I am letting go.

November 29th -

Today we let go of all dis-function of mind.  Abundance is our natural state of mind.  We need not obsess with thoughts of worry, escape or fantasy.  Fantasy is a waste of creative energy because its main tenet is that it can never really happen.  All of the energy spent in escape from reality can be channeled into true creation. Putting the resources of Mind together to creating that which we desire.  Worry is just a negative prayer, one that give enough energy could possibly result in an unfortunate answer.  Obsession with anything is also a waste and should be eliminated like any other waste…flushed from the mind.  I allow any thoughts of escape, any obsessed thinking flow out and away from me.  I do not have anything to escape from, the common abundance of the universe is my abundance.  All of the Good of God is mine to share.  I let go of all dysfunction of mind.

RELEASE – I am healed.

November 28th -

Healing is available right now; it begins in the mind and extends to the body.  We can release all disease of the body. True prosperity includes total health of the body.   If we are in need of healing, we can take the time to visualize any sickness leaving the body.  We do not hate the microbe or the virus; we just ask them to move out of the body. We do not try to harm them in any way. Let go of any fear of the disease and rather extend love to it, and then send it on its way.  Let us deal with any physical pain we may be feeling in a similar way.  We recognize the experience of pain, we accept that we are feeling pain right now, we become aware of everything that we can concerning the pain putting our attention on it and then we relax to the best of our ability and allow the disorder to flow quickly and completely out and away from our body. We allow the healing love of God restore the body to health and wholeness.

RENOUNCE – I am free.

November 27th -

We are free to the extent that we are able to discharge our resentments.  Let us renounce our grievances.  Sometimes life can be full of complaints…it is easy to find something wrong, it is easy to judge others and to judge situations as negative. It is tempting to blame others or perhaps to blame circumstances for seeming problems.  These grievances block me from the good that God has for us…they actually keep us locked into victim mentality.  If we are tired of playing the victim, we can renounce any and all grievances.  We don’t want them anymore.  Every time we think we are being put upon, and we want to protest, criticize, object, gripe or grumble we can stop and consider the truth.  We can find liberty from resentment and regret simply by forgiving the apparent injury and then seeing ourselves free.

ELIMINATE – I am purging.

November 26th -

Elimination is a power; it is an essential asset of mind.  We are fully capable of eradicating every single false image of ourselves.  We have seen ourselves falsely and have also been worshipping false idols.  We have been putting our attention on the material world, on getting things to make us feel better.  That’s because previously, we may have been confused about our identity but now we are seeing more clearly.  We are a part of…. a part of the family, the neighborhood, the community, the world, the universe.  Whereas we may have thought we were apart from all these things, we are now beginning to realize that we are intimately connected to all of them.  We are irreplaceable in GOD.  Today, every time the old images come to mind, we eliminate them, we allow them to flow away and we replace them with a clear picture of ourselves being a fully function part of creation.

FORSIGHT – I am farsighted.

November 26th -

Using our meditative practice, we have reached out into the future, establishing a vision of what our lives might be like if we were to release our character flaws. We have seen bright possibilities of allowing spirit to guide us in all of interactions with the world.  Hopes and dreams can come back to life.  Our grandest imaginings, our greatest ideas, our most cherished aspirations can be realized by simply continuing on our spiritual path.  No longer daydreams or fanciful reveries our vision begin to take on a solidity based on our strong foundation of principle.  The nightmares can stop; the delusions can be dissipated in the light of our hearts’ desire.  Our goals and ambitions once thought impossible are now within reach.  We now see clearly that grounded in love all of our aspirations can come true.  With these visions held firmly in mind we move forward in all humility.

READY – I am entirely ready.

November 25 -

Are we willing to have all of these defects of character removed? Is there still a little fear of what will be left after this attitude adjustment?  Having considered the benefits of a personality change and found it desirable, we are now ready to let a loving God remove the negative and improve the positive.  We have prepared the way by becoming aware of the impact of fear on our lives.  We know that only suffering comes from fear; we have faith that our healing and respite arise out of love.  Being ready and willing to have these defects removed means that we are ready and willing to begin to live primarily out of love, letting spirit show the way.  So, we accept ourselves the way we are.  We admit that our reactions to life have been neither all bad or all good, we acknowledge that God is the only power that can heal these issues, and we strengthen our vision of what life will be like free of defect.

CHANGE – I am changing my mind.

November 24th -

Let us change our negative attitudes, modify our approach to life, and vary our methods. We are more than our habits, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to improve them.  In the past we may have been afraid that we would never be able to escape our bad habits.  We can decide to change the temporary (our ego identity) and embrace the eternal (spirit).   We can order our behavior and our lives as we wish.   Let us release all fear of change, embracing new ideas and positive habits.  From time to time we are getting signs and signals that something wonderful is underway in us.  We know that there are still nagging little habits, but we can see there is a solution. As we continue to embrace change and practice new ways, our habits begin to change.  The outer is all about change, the inner, the deep is changeless, God is changeless, always present, and always available.

ONE – I am one with God.

November 23rd -

God is One with us.  The first commandment tells that to keep no other gods before God.  This is an admonishment against holding any outer thing to be of more value than the omnipresence of God.  The exact nature of our wrongs or the origin of all of our mistakes is the self-centered fear that results from our perceived division from God. To think that there is anything apart from creation is a direct “violation” of this commandment.  We are never punished by God for these transgressions although sometimes it seems so. It is just that the law of cause and effect continually makes us pay the price for thinking that we are separate from the good of God.  God is one and we are one with God.  Today, let us consider how great an idea this is.  We do not need to pursue anything other than our restoration to the sanity of oneness.  In this we see that God is One, that Universe really is unified, and that we are part of it all.

IN SYNC – I am unified.

November 22nd -

 Although sometimes it doesn’t seem so, order is the way of the universe.  No matter how chaotic things may seem, God’s will, expressing as divine order is available to us.  The opportunity for good always exists in the present moment. Every person, every situation, everything that happens, it’s all in divine order. Life will flow from good to greater good as I become more receptive to the possibilities of creation that are always present.  We have free will which is the ability to choose between, Goodwill and something less than that.  It really is up to us; no one else can decide for us and no one else can cheat us out of experiences (good or bad).  They are ours, and ultimately, we are in charge of our lives.  Order is present right now.  Once we fully appreciate that process, we come to the understanding that we can’t be separated from it and that our lives are cradled in divine order.