EXPRESSION – I am an expression.

August 4th -

A loving God is expressing every moment of every day. This beneficent power expresses through us and through our fellows; It expresses through all living things, and also expresses in and through circumstances.  As we enter the silence today, let us become aware of the overarching love of God.  Since we know that God is really all there is, let us focus on seeing and hearing the divine in all things.  There is a calm certainty in this awareness.  We may find ourselves in certain situations in which it is hard to feel God’s presence, nonetheless it is there. This does not mean that God’s will is for some suffering we may be feeling, it means that God is present and able to express through our decisions and in whatever happens next. God’s presence is the strength in which we endure and overcome any present suffering; it is also the strength to move through pleasurable experiences knowing that they will eventually end.

CONSCIOUS – I am conscientious.

August 3rd -

Being conscientious means that we are concerned with doing what is right according to our values.  Proper service is the gauge of this in that we endeavor to do the right thing for the right reason at the right time. We can relate what we do in life with what it is in our conscience.  Our conscience has been identified as our guide to behavior.  We all have a conscience although we may from time to time ignore it.  Now, when we surrender our ego desires to the common welfare we become able to access a larger conscience.  This access could be called group conscience state of mind, where in we are able to express Goodwill.  Goodwill, of course, would be what is best for everyone involved.  Ideally this shared conscience is accessed in the presence of our partner or our fellows.  Occasionally, when a decision must be made, and those others are not present it is possible to access this group conscience state of mind; but only with surrender of ego desires and tight focus on the common welfare. Today, let us be conscientious, keeping our partners in mind while practicing our good service.

SERVICE – I am a servant.

August 2nd -

Is it uncomfortable to consider ourselves servants in our relationships?  Do we find it degrading in some way?  Perhaps we think that to put ourselves in such a position would make it easy for our partners or fellows to take advantage of us.  We may think that the servant is somehow subordinate to those who are served.  Understandable as these concerns may seem, they are erroneous.  Freely given service is an honor and a privilege; it advances both the servant and the served.  Service should be reciprocal but not in an expectant sort of way; we may give to one and receive from another.  The truth is that when we move through life “on purpose” we find ourselves being served as much if not more than we serve.  The relationship between the servant and the served is an ever-shifting trading of roles; each one giving of their talents and abilities as needed by the other. Service establishes a relationship of total equality in which no one is ever relegated to lesser status.

UNITED – I am united.

August 1st -

As we have already seen, unity is an all-pervading principle. We can try to ignore it, we can lose our sense of it, we can even deny it; but unity is always present.  In a very real way we are all connected by the overarching purpose of Life itself. All living things are woven together in the web of life.  So, when we think about being united we can start with our partners, but this unification stretches from twos and threes, to groups, through communities, and all the way to the entirety of creation. We are bonded to all life. It is important to realize that because we are just a part of a system we cannot be totally in charge of anything.  We can take our appropriate responsibility, but we leave the power with the interactive whole.  We are an amalgamation of the blessed.  The blessing we share cannot be exclusive, rather, it is the cohesion that unites us with all of creation.

AUTHOR – I am surrendered.

July 31st -

Today let us surrender to the Author, the Creator, the Power which extended Itself as us. We relax, letting the presence of a loving God be felt. Our Source is that from which we continually flow, we are always in its stream.  So, God really is close, “closer than hands and feet, closer than the breath”. We can feel that we are in the Presence and the Presence is in us.  Spirit can be felt in our mind and body, it can be felt between partners, and it can be felt in the midst of a group. Opening ourselves to the authority of love we renounce the machinations of fear and move into proper service.  Our sense of connection allows us to trust our brothers and sisters and simultaneously makes us trustworthy. When we extend that trust to the God of our understanding, that loving presence instructs us in all that should be done.  We yield ego, renunciate personal agenda, stop the conflict, and decide for the common welfare.

TASK – I am tasked.

July 30th -

In life, there are always things to do, and all of the things we decide to do have some impact on others.  In order to establish and maintain good relationships we remember the common welfare. Keeping this in mind it is important to establish a shared conscience state of mind. This shared outlook comes from conscious connection to the larger Self. We may think of this larger Self as our Higher Power or just simple unity. In any event we know that it is a power in which love is present and guidance is possible. Connected in this way it is not necessary to worry about what to do; we will be led. Wherever we find ourselves, we have a task.  Something to do, some gift to give…wherever…whenever we are.  We are here to be helpful and as we have read: “truly helpful”.  Being truly helpful means being attuned to and operating out of Goodwill.

COMMIT – I am committed.

July 29th -

Let us pledge ourselves to carrying the peace of God out into the world.  We have awakened to the truth of Unity, we are actually bound to it.  There is nothing apart from Unity.  Because all things in the universe are connected in ways visible and invisible, we are promised that there can never be a place where we are truly alone.  There is a peace in this principle.  We are in the midst of love.  We are always and forever at one with our Source which is obliged to us as we are to It. Today, let us commit to feeling these various connections with life, with the planet, with the universe, with God herself… and then allow that feeling to go forth from us, back out to all that we are connected to…which is to say everything. We are not consigned but free to carry that which we are entrusted with, the love that binds.

EXTEND – I am an extension.

July 28th -

We are extensions of life.  The universe extends to us and through us and as us.  Our activities small as they seem have universal implications.  As we extend we are creating.  We can extend good fortune through loving acts of creation or we can make messes by grasping after material things or holding back in our efforts. Let us determine to extend good fortune.  The goodness of the universe is extending to us always.  The good in our lives reflects Goodwill.  We children of a loving God and as such we are heirs to a kingdom of love. It is the task of the heirs to extend the legacy. In the ultimate reality there is only extension, this is not expansion because that which is infinite cannot be expanded, or enlarged, lengthened, broadened or increased.  In spirit all is complete but there is still extension, this is a dichotomy that will have to remain mysterious for now.

LAW – I am loving.

July 27th -

Love is the law, the single great commandment.  Love, unconditional love springs from unity.  We might consider unity in a larger context than just our family, friends, community or country.  Unity is a state of being.  Unity can be seen as the ultimate connection of all of life.  All living things held together by the gravity of a great wholeness. The unity of all life can even be thought of as God.  Consider it from this perspective: “All things work together for those who love…” This not a theory, or a formula, not even a rule but rather, a the way life works.  Cooperation must begin with us, or we will not experience it regardless of the fact that is a natural and continual condition.  Unconditional love is feeling connected to all of life and desiring that only good come to all of life.  This is pure loving, without concern for self but in it the self-benefits.  It is the love that gives and receives simultaneously.

SACRIFICE – I am giving freely.

July 26th -

The common welfare asks no sacrifice.  We are not asked to sacrifice in exchange for safety.  No sacrifice is needed for peace.  Harmony and peace are free.  To believe that well-being is predicated on giving up our own good for the benefit of others is erroneous.  Goodwill expects nothing of us except that we extend love into all our endeavors. God does not have to expect, God knows.  Surrendering to God is not anything to do with loss.  God knows us as her children and he just extends all goodness to us because of that.  No martyrdom, no victims needed, we just accept love and then extend it on.  We just have difficulty admitting that goodness from a selfish perspective, because from our general view all we see is lack. The only cost to the safety of the common welfare is that it be freely given and received, by definition it cannot be purchased.