RECALLED – I am recalled to Heaven.

November 9th -

God is calling us back into the kingdom right now. The kingdom of heaven is not the land of the dead, it is actually the home of Life. So, not a place to go after the body dies, but a state of mind that is available right now in which all life is eternally one. It is our natural place and we are most welcome there. It is the habitation of peace (Jerusalem) in which forever we attain our true identity. The voice for God speaks to us at all times and in all places; calling us back into awareness of our birthright. We are children of God and as such we inherit the kingdom of God. For too long, we have languished here in the shadows of the material world. Make it a point today to listen for the still small voice of God which is really speaking to us, in all places, and at all times. Listen and be recalled to paradise.

ARISE – I am raising up in consciousness.

November 8th -

Today, we rise up in consciousness. We consciously raise our thoughts to God. We arise from all illness. Let us dream a happy dream; dream of healing and then awaken whole and healthy. We release any dark thoughts concerning sickness. We let go of all disease, dysfunction, or disorder of body or mind. We feel at home, perfect and serene. All thoughts of threat or attack, want or lack fade into the light of God. We give up wandering from one painful scenario to another. We give all suffering into the hands of Spirit and we are guided into joy and bliss. Centered in our quiet, inner sanctuary we are free from darkness and death, we have arisen into Unity and Love.

CHILD – I am a child of God.

November 7th -

We are the Son of God; together we are the Son of God. This is our choice: "A part of" we exist in harmony with all of life, "apart from" we see only disharmony. Today, let us choose our birthright, let us choose Unity. We also remember our place; we are the created. God created us thus giving us the ability to create. Don't get the roles reversed. We are a thought in the mind of God and we exist in God. We did not create God, but we can create through the love of God of which we are made. We can become cause in our life but we can never be the cause of God. Picture yourself at the oceans shore, taking a cup you have brought with you bend down and scoop some of the water into the cup. Looking now at the cup filled with ocean water you do not confuse this small amount with the entire ocean.  So, with us...we spring from God and have attributes of God but while we are in the "cup" we are not the whole ocean.

PRINCIPLE – I am principle in action.

November 6th -

There is a first principle that is the basic description of reality. It is self-evident, but still debated by some. It is the very foundation of existence. The first principle is God. Creation and creator as one. “God is” is the simple truth. “God is all” speaks the unity of life. “God is all there is” further defines the nature of the universe. “God is all there is and nothing else is” points out that anything we believe, think about, feel or see that is not God, is not real. God, the first principle; from which all things, all life springs.  We arise out of God.  We are of God.  We are the effect of that first principle.   We are a nuance of the infinite.

PRAY – I am praying as I go.

November 5th -

We pray as we go. Focusing on the present we can maintain an attitude of forgiveness that opens the way to true prayer which in turn heals any seeming upset. So, first forgiveness... it means to see a thing differently and to release any past images and see in the light of Spirit. We see the genuine article. First a symbol of good, then prayer; an affirmation of only good for all involved, a turning over of all expectations, and stepping aside. Then healing comes, wholeness is re-established and health is restored. The symbol gives way the original. One with the wellspring of all Life we flow into world as healers, extending and giving the gift of Love to all whom we meet.  Staying in this day, living in this moment, focusing on right now we are healed and we are healing.  Our prayers rise up to their divine potential, which is to say perfection!  Forgiving, praying, healing as we go...and in this way, we all go together.

HOLY – I am very holy?

November 4th -

We are very holy. Today we receive that which was already ours, Christ consciousness. We attempt a perfect moment, a Holy instant experiencing our true identity. We take this moment or at least the memory of It and establish universal love in all of our endeavors. We remember the one goal of forgiveness. We see our sanity restored and with us all living things brought back to our original oneness. Joy is upon us as we feel the completion of our ancient goal. We are sharing in the Love of God, basking in the Light of Spirit, immersed in the Forgiveness of Christ. We will except nothing less than wholeness in this precious moment. We have let go of every want knowing that what we receive in return is much greater.  We are very holy...we are very holy as we forgive any seeming lack. We remember to forgive, we remember to forget, and we are very holy indeed!

WITNESS – I am a witness to love.

November 3rd -

Forgiveness' opportunity lies at every turn this day. See yourself moving through this day one moment at a time, paying attention to each one, seeing only good and light and love. At times, we may be tempted to look upon strife, war, and suffering with fear and foreboding; but instead we see only the call for love. We respond to each call for love with the extension of love from our hearts...the world responds by reflecting this love back to us. Witness the coming of the light; the light that banishes the darkness. This light, so bright that the material world itself is shined into that Eden of harmony and finally back into Heaven itself. Witness this, witness for this; see love and express love, give love and receive love. And then you can say "I saw the whole thing, I am a witness!"

PEACE – I am at peace.

November 2nd -

Today as we quiet the mind and calm the body, a great peace flows over us. We are connected to all of life; all life is connected to us, and all is well. There is no worry, no want and no need. If any of these should occur to us, we simply give these concerns to God and return to our center. Know that in this state we can do nothing but bring peace to every mind that touches ours. We can carry this peace out of our meditation and into the world. By watching carefully in each moment, we keep ourselves connected and at rest. We become peace-makers wherever we go and with whomever we meet. Although this seems like a special state it is really just a hint of our original state, but still this clue to our identity has the power to bring light to the shadows of this world. Be at peace this day and observe how it flows between us and everyone we perceive in a healing tide love.

HEALER – I am healing.

November 1st -

As we remember where we come from and who is our Creator we become the healed and the healer. We are able to alleviate suffering in ourselves and those who come to us. Everyone we meet can be brought into Unity with us. By extending love to our brothers and sisters, we set the stage for health and wholeness. We affirm that we are one with all and that the love of God is moving in and through us. Having established the truth, we share it with anyone who has a need. The conscious contact with God that is available to us all leads us to give as required. We see our brothers’ whole; we see them perfect, without blemish. We give them to the light of Creation knowing that their absolute health is assured. Goodwill, God’s will is always for unity and this is the truth that we tell.

HUMILITY – I am humble.

October 31st -

In humility, we are equal. It just means that we know who we are and we don't have to act like something else. In the past, we may have thought that our identity was quite mundane and then made silly attempts to appear greater. Rather than being less than adequate, we are really quite divine. We are brothers and sisters in the Christ spirit, and indeed, we are children of God. This perspective is quite different from our previous view. In humility then, we see ourselves as Child of God, which is perfect. Of course, this also means that everyone else is likewise perfect. So, being humble means being equal. No need to compare or judge; What a freeing idea this is. no one greater and no one lesser...all of us divine parts of a divine whole...and each of us irreplaceable.