RETIRE – I am safe and secure.

June 7th -

Today, we retire our old survival tools. Previously it seemed important to keep our little character imps at work, it was only prudent, they provided an important line of defense in our daily battles with the world. Presently we are not at war with life, we are integrating ourselves more fully in it. Before, we may have thought that the only way toexperience abundance was to go out and take it. Now, we know that we are already part of an abundant universe and that we are in the flow of good when we don’t try to force it. So, we line up all those little trolls and try to give them their retirement watches. Instead of trying to toss them out, we give them appreciation and when we do an amazing thing happens, they begin to transform.

OBSERVE – I am watching.

June 6th -

Being mindful we examine our personality in the same way we would look at any other phenomenon.  We simply observe it and then decide what should be done with its various quirks. As we begin the exploration of the inner depths, diving just below the surface we may discover some rather disturbing things. We may find these singularly unattractive traits, which some might call character defects. These are the mis-creations of fear, these are the children of separation. It is important that we not reject the little monsters, that only makes them more persistent. To pretend that they are not there or to sit on them will only keep them quiet for short periods, periods of little stress and strain. Under pressure however they will jump up and into the fray very quickly. Let us take a moment to see them as they see themselves, as helpers. These little guys really think they are protecting us from danger, keeping us from harm. So, we acknowledge their work and bless them.

VISION – I am seeing.

June 5th -

This step is about establishing a vision of what our lives can be like. So, we consider our defects and their effect on our lives. We can ask in prayer: "What would it be like if instead of being conditional with people I was able love them?" "What would it feel like if instead of being envious of the good fortune of others I was able to be happy for their happiness?" "What does life look like if I substituted gratitude for covetousness, fulfillment (asking to be filled with the spirit of recovery) for greed, humility for vanity, proper service (doing the right thing for the right reason) for inertia, forgiveness for anger? " Upon asking we allow our meditation to show us the answers, which we can be sure will be attractive.  It should not take that much effort to become willing the exchange our suffering in the ego for peace of mind.

NATURE – I am more.

June 4th -

Our true self is much more than our beliefs, thoughts, feelings or even our actions.  We are, as we have discovered, part of Creation.  We are spirit.  However, having had the exact nature of our wrongs revealed in the Fifth Step, a little bit of willingness to change has entered into our minds. The exact nature of our wrongs is not our exact nature.  Self-centered fear is the nature or origin of all of our wrongs.  This fear has seven aspects, which in turn present themselves in our action and inaction.  These seven are conditional love, envy, covetousness, greed, vanity, inertia, and anger. Each stand at the negative end of a continuum.  Their opposites stand at the other end: unconditional love, happiness for the happiness of others, gratitude, fulfillment, humility, right action, and forgiveness.  These are the seven antidotes to fear and they are all aspects of the Love that counteracts fear.  This Love is actually our true nature, indeed our true identity.


June 3rd -

Acknowledging our regrets and disappointments brings us to a greater awareness of our inner condition.  Pretending that hurtful things have not happened is counterproductive and we don’t do it anymore.  We can unburden ourselves by letting someone know those things that previously we have kept hidden.  As we lose the fear of sharing even the negative, we acknowledge our darkest secrets, and we give them up into the light.  Let us decide today, that we will no longer attempt to hide the past from ourselves, from God, or from anyone else.  We no long need be afraid the dead past.  Remember that what is hidden will be revealed.  We no longer are captive to the events of yesterday.  We are freeing ourselves of the past when we recognize and accept our resentments.  We put ourselves on a new path when we concede and confess our regrets.  Admission of the exact nature of our wrongs (errors) brings them from the shadows into the healing light of God

OPEN-MINDED – I am open.

June 2nd -

 Let us be open and receptive to new ideas.  As we begin to share freely, many marvelous things can occur.  We begin by opening ourselves to possibilities.  Then powerful new ideas and new ways of seeing start to become apparent to us. Still discretion is important so while we are open-minded, we also remain judicious.  We do not just spill everything about ourselves to everyone in an indiscriminate way.  We learn to listen to our inner guide and then we decide with whom we will share. It is not helpful to burden people who may not understand or those who may not have the present ability to help us. We want to be open, but we do not want to scare anyone.  Trust that we are being lead to the right person at the right time.  We will know what, when and with whom it is appropriate to share.  Today, let us be accessible and amenable; sharing with sensitivity and listening with interest.  We can be friendly and approachable allowing others to share freely with us.

UNDERSTAND – I am coming to understand.

June 1st -

 I understand that I am related to all of creation.  We are in right relation with the Universe.  God is continuing to create, and we are co-creators with him. God is the infinitely large and infinitesimally small.  God is outward bound and inward seeking.  Our lives…our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions may seem very small indeed compared to the vastness of the universe, but they are no less wonderful and no less a part of the beauty of creation.   Right relation with the universe is a sense of belonging.  Trust abounds when we know that we are an integral part of this ongoing enterprise.  We sense that our place is always assured.  We can take chances, step out on faith knowing that while we may lose the day, we cannot lose our place.  We belong to and we are treasured by our Father.  We come to an understanding that we are intimately related with everyone and everything in the great and grand universe.

EVOLVE – I am consciously evolving.

May 31st -

We are works in progress.  Our consciousness in developing along spiritual lines.  We are very much like seeds planted in the rich soil of Love. We develop and grow, sprouting upward and budding out.  Creation is at work in us at the sub-conscious level and through us at the conscious level.  Indeed, God is not done with us.  We are continuing to unfold and become that which we were designed to be.  We must recognize however that much of this unfolding can be done through conscious thought and action on our part.  When we see that we live and move and have our being in the infinite field of possibility, we can start making choices and taking actions that move us toward that which we truly desire.  What an exciting idea, total freedom to be and to become that which we are meant to be.  Every time we consciously extend love, through creativity or through kindness we evolve and grow.

INSPIRING – I am sharing.

May 30th -

Ideas shared freely return great benefit to all.  As we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we become more trusting overall.  As we share our feelings and our ideas openly, our intimacy allows a stronger connection to our loved ones.  It is a good practice to be free in sharing our feelings, but we should also freely give our ideas.  At home, at school, in the workplace we have a part to play in the ongoing development of good.  Great new things begin with single ideas.   To think that our ideas are not good enough or that they will not be well received keeps us from exercising our creative powers.  It is up to us to give what is ours to give in every situation.  We want to be discreet and not overbearing but, let’s not hold back!  Most of the time, we know more than we give ourselves credit for.  We have an intuition that should not be denied. Let’s give others the benefit of our insights and freely share our ideas. We can communicate our own excitement without worrying about any ultimate approval.

INSPIRED – I am inspired.

May 29th -

Open mind, open heart… let us open ourselves to whatever is presented today.  As we listen and observe openly we can be inspired by the words and deeds of others.  Someone once said show me don’t tell me.  This, of course, is the sense that we would rather follow someone’s good example rather than take their advice.  Both can be helpful…even the person who is not “walking the walk” may inspire us with uplifting words.  We can just treat the words like affirmations that have not come into manifestation yet. We can visualize the person acting in the same way they speak.  Today, let’s give people the benefit of their own positive words treating them like good intentions.  We can be stimulated by their enthusiasm even if at first, we don’t see evidence of action. At the same time let us release them from their negative words and actions through forgiveness.  See them as they are…son, daughter of God…just like us…now that is inspired!