REMEMBER – I am remembering.

April 12th -

Worry over the body is just another distraction.  Somewhere deep within us we can remember eternal life, we are always and have always been part of eternal life.  The life we have been experiencing in this world is not the genuine article, but rather some pale imitation.  We have imagined ourselves with bodies that sicken and wither and eventually die.  This is a shadow existence which cannot reflect the truth of our being.  Remembering the Glory from which we spring, brings us a measure of peace, health and wholeness even here.  So when the shadows appear today we can overlook them, putting our minds back into alignment with divine mind.  Casting thoughts back to our original state, the state of mind in which there is nothing but love, nothing but unabbreviated unending life.  As we remember eternity we bring peace, health and wholeness to our body and to the world of bodies.  We bring healing to our brothers and to ourselves.

IMMORTAL – I am immortal.

April 11th -

Death is an outside issue. We, as Spirit are immortal, the body is not.  Remarkably though, we can heal the body as a result of forgiveness.  When we remember the immortality that is our inheritance we radiate love which has great effect upon all bodies.  By overlooking the symptoms of age and entropy we can actually ameliorate them.  Our body’s rush to death and destruction can be slowed for a time but we must also remember that it must be laid aside at some time.  This need not be a cause for concern when we stay aware that we are not our bodies, but rather we are immortal Spirit....that no matter what appears to be happening in the world, we are above the world, we indeed have overcome the world.  When we focus on the fact that the body cannot hold the real us in a prison of flesh we can be kinder to it, forgiving any grievances that we have against it.  Seeing it as it is, a communications device which allows us to interact with our brothers and sisters in a loving way.

WELL – I am well.

April 10th -

Sickness is an effect of erroneous judgement. Anytime we are sick, we have become the victim of our own making.  Illness is a symbol of the separation which of course is original sin, the only sin and our only problem.  This sin has shown itself as disease... dis-ease. This is also the nature of the body which we have also made... disharmony, disruption, and finally, dissolution; the body will die.  The body is a temporary refuge from our guilt, an attempt to forget our true form... it is designed to fall apart and then come back to this world in a somewhat altered form. It is not real, it is not us.  We can choose something different and if we do the body will reflect this different choice, but still, eventually it will fall to dust.  It is the sin that must be forgiven for us to escape this cycle of life and death. Of course even this sin which seems the most severe, the act of leaving God and apparently fighting against God is just illusion. So, the shadow of this ultimate error is a just a shadow of a such it can be brought to light and then true healing occurs.

AIDED – I am aided in my quest.

April 9th -

Our task is to help, and that task is made easier when we release our preconceptions.  Our work is to give proper service, and this may sometimes seem to be overwhelming.  Relax, be calm and know that in the help we seek to give there is help for us.  All around us are helpers, some visible to our physical eye but most discernible only to spirit.  Angels all, divine ideas, words of God coming to help us in our unfolding mission.  We want a return to Love, a return to One-ness, to remember God.  On this journey, we give to our companions, but we also receive from them... it cannot be otherwise.  Sometimes we forget that every act is reciprocal, because we cannot give without receiving.  Know it now, everything we have need of is being provided.  It is not up to us alone, because we can never really be alone.  Look to the help that is available, ask for it and take it.

CREATE – I am creating.

April 8th -

EASE – I am at ease.

April 7th -

Today, let us simplify our efforts.  It is so easy to find ourselves bogged down in all sorts of complications.  We begin by quieting the mind through awareness of the breath.  (Remember we can do this anytime we need to.) Next, we ask our inner guide what is most important.  We can be assured that the most straightforward approach will probably be the best.  With the common welfare in mind, we approach our mission and purpose with exuberance; but we are not manic.  Living on purpose we are joyous in our pursuits, excited about life.  We absolutely expect the best, which we now have defined as God’s will.  All of this said, we have to ask; is it possible to have these attitudes without being hyper?  Can we be at ease and still be enthusiastic? Centered in the breath, mindful and aware, we feel what we feel without being carried away. Our work then becomes almost effortlessness.

ORDER – I am in order.

April 6th -

There is order and then there is Order; there is organized and there is Organized.  One some levels organization is important; we should strive to be on time for appointments, it’s just polite. Structure, ritual and process are important to keeping things running smoothly.  Our relationships benefit from some organization, but structure should not become prison.  Ritual is meaningless when done by rote.  Process allows for smooth development, but we must allow innovation if we are to advance our potential. So, order at one level just to help the trains run on time; but open-minded-ness and intuition must have a place.  Now, consider Order; meaning divine order, that creation itself is already in order and cannot get out of order.  This Organization is sometimes hard to see, but easy to feel.  Right here, right now we can feel the love of creation which calms us, protects us, and assures us that everything is in Order.

RELY – I am confident in my fellows.

April 5th -

We trust, we trust ourselves and we trust our brothers and sisters to operate individually and together in a way that is most helpful.  The true desires of the heart, the aspirations of the soul, are all about service. When we allow the heart to influence the mind, our spirit gets to do what it wants.  We act; giving what is needed, when it is needed.  What if everyone around us was for our own best interest?  Not acting in our best interest, but “for” our best interest.  There is a difference, people are generally acting in the way that they think is in their own best interest, as are we.  However, somewhere deep within us, at the point of connection, we are for the best interest of everyone involved.  At that level everyone is for OUR own best interest.  Practicing daily meditation leads us to knowledge of what is the best interest is.  Today, let us be confident that our brothers and sisters will do the same.

COMMUNITY – I am part of a community.

April 4th -

Part of a larger community, we gather together to accomplish the common welfare.  Stringent hierarchies tend to stifle creative efforts. Organization does not necessarily have to mean ranked control.  We trust our fellows to do their part with too much restriction.  We are all equal in value, regardless of what temporary resources or talents that each of us may have.  Community has evolved from family to tribe and from tribe to nation and finally (we hope) from nation to universal.  This is where we are right now, consciously seeking the necessary evolution that it takes to forget cultural differences. True humility shows us the truth, that we are all children of God and that we are all equal. Community is first a state of mind.  When we see that we are all involved in a larger organism we can then do our own part with a feeling of connectedness in which we are never operating in a vacuum.

LIAISE – I am cooperating.

April 3rd -

Let us get into the spirit of cooperation; we begin by visualizing the light of God flowing to us, from us and all around us.  Whatever the tasks of day we see ourselves working together with those around us. Since we cannot escape the fact that we are all in this together, we would do well to embrace our unity.  We started banding together a long time ago, we still do but now it is imperative that we end the tribalism and see our efforts grow from local to global.  This is not to say that we don’t join forces with our ideological fellows, just that we also remember that we are also always tied together with all of the rest of humanity.  So, we help one another, we share what we have and what we are because we understand that together we can do that which cannot be done alone.  When we come together in mind, it multiplies the power of all of our efforts.