CHANGE – I am changing my mind.

July 3rd -

The material world is constantly changing, our bodies are changing, and our personalities can also change. We can decide to change our bodies and our personalities for the better. Now, we are more than our bodies, more than our personalities or our habits, accessing that “more” is the key to positive change.  In the past, we may have been afraid that we would never be able to escape our bad habits. We may have identified ourselves with our quirks and foibles, or perhaps viewed ourselves like characters in a bad movie. Today, we know that we can change.  We can order our behavior and our lives as we wish. Let us release all fear of change, embracing new ideas and positive habits. From time to time we are getting signs and signals that something wonderful is underway in us.  We know that there are still nagging little habits, but we can see there is a solution.  As we continue to embrace change and practice new ways, our habits begin to change.  The outer is all about change; the inner, the deep is changeless. God… always present, always available to help us change the outer for the better.


July 2nd -

I understand that God is All. A deep and abiding understanding comes over me when I consider the all-ness of God. I am becoming enlightened, and that enlightenment shows me that there is no this and that. There really is no light and dark, there is no love and hate, there is no right or wrong; there is only the presence of God. From time to time I wrongly perceive separation and it causes fear. This fear is the cause of all my unhappiness. It is the root of all my pain and suffering. For a moment today, I see the truth that all is One. The truth of unity floods my being, washing away all fear. I can never lose this knowledge; I can ignore if I choose. I can return to thoughts of isolation, but I can never truly forget this coming together.  Therefore, whenever I decide that I have suffered enough, I can return in a blink of an eye. I can return to oneness, I can return to love.

REVELATION – I am revealed

July 1st -

Today, my nature is revealed. This new perspective reveals my true self and my true nature.  I am one with my brothers and sisters, I am one with the universe, one with God. My true self is loving and my true nature is love. My true self is creative and my true nature is creation. All of my thoughts and the activities those thoughts lead to are pieces of Creation. The universe is unfolding through me as me. My job is my joy and my work is my wonder. My nature is revealed in my pursuit; which is my purpose. Today, I know myself and I know my nature. 

PERSPECTIVE – I am willing to see from a new perspective

June 30th -

 I allow those with whom I share to give me their perspective. I consider things from all angles and then I rely on Spirit to help me sort it all out. The views and experiences of my loved ones are important to my new vision. I take their observations into account in my decision making and many times they will see something that I have been blind to. In the final analysis however, I rely on God to guide me through the maze of opinion and advice that I may receive. I am willing to see from a new perspective, but I make sure it is the bright vision of Love and not the shadow of fear that informs me. 

JOY – I am sharing.

June 29th -

We share our joy and our dreams. As we share my joy, our joy is increased. As we relate our dreams, they become more powerful. Our joy in doing the things that we love works hand in hand with the dreams of our hearts. We don’t keep them secret any longer, but rather we speak of them openly. We can visualize ourselves working in a joyful way to make our dreams a reality. Our enthusiasm is contagious as we involve our friends and loved ones in the process of Creation.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT – I am accepting.

June 28th -

Today we receive our regrets and disappointments, treating them like gifts. Pretending that hurtful things have not happened is counterproductive. Let us stop ignoring our experiences and acknowledge them. We can only unburden ourselves by letting someone know those things that previously we have kept hidden. As we lose the fear of sharing even the negative, we acknowledge our darkest secrets, and we bring them to the light. We make a decision today, that we will no longer hide the past from ourselves, from God or from anyone else. No longer afraid of the dead past. We should know that whatever is hidden will eventually be revealed. Not captive to the events of yesterday, we get into the present. We are free when we acknowledge our resentments and regrets, bringing them out into the light of day.     


OPEN-MINDED – I am open and receptive to new ideas.

June 27th -

Sharing freely, we open ourselves to powerful new ideas and new ways of seeing. Let us be open-minded, but also judicious. It is not helpful to just spill everything to everyone in an indiscriminate way, we take a moment to decide when and with whom we will share. We do not want to burden people who may not understand or those who may not have the present ability to help us. We want to be open, but we do not want to scare anyone. We can trust that God’s guidance is leading us to the right person at the right time. We will know what, when and with whom it is appropriate to share. Today, we will find a confidant sharing openly and listen intently.

TRUST – I am trusting.

June 26th -

Let us have the courage to trust. Knowing that we are cared for we can afford a risk. So, let’s take a chance on God and on another human being. We rely on our courage, we allow ourselves to trust the unfolding process that we are involved in. Consciously and unconsciously we are growing. We are continually evolving and changing into the person that we were meant to be. Each day we can allow the power of Creation to work in and through us to bring about our shared good. We are trusting that we will be rewarded for each and every act of faith. We can relax into the Spirit within us. That Spirit will bring us home safe and sound. Now, from this perspective we are able to release any fear. If by chance some residual fear should arise we just allow ourselves to feel it and move out in faith and trust anyway. Today, we have the courage to trust.

DREAMS – I am dreaming.

June 25th -

Some say we are living in a dream, others contend that it is a nightmare.  Regardless of whether we believe that the material world is just an illusion or that it is real, it is sure that we are experiencing it. Part of this experience is waking and sleeping. We know that when we sleep we dream, and that these dreams can be instructive. We also have dreams when waking, some of these are just avoidance devices that spin fantasies in our minds to distract us from what seems to be happening. Other conscious dreams are much more helpful; they can give us hints at what we are to do in this life. These dreams, from childhood, adolescence, and adulthood are the gentle urgings of Divine mind, moving us forward to the accomplishment of our purpose. These dreams point the way to peace and fulfillment. If we follow them they will unfold into a plan and a program for the common welfare. If we have allowed our dreams to become lost in seeming failure or depression, we can resurrect them. Anything is possible with divine help and that help is within us. Today, let us remember our dreams.

HUMILITY – I am humble.

June 24th -

Humility is knowing who we are and not having to act like something else. As we have examined ourselves closely we have found that there are some singularly unattractive parts of our personality; we have reviewed past behavior and found in wanting. We have also uncovered some positive personal traits and good accomplishments. Over and above these temporary conditions is the permanent, unchanging identity of Spirit. Being humble means accepting and taking responsibility for the temporary without excuses; neither minimizing or exaggerating. Humility is also coming to terms with our permanent divine identity. This does not mean that we are perfect in the material world, obviously we are not. It means that we have a greater identity that we are striving to remember fully. So, in time and space we have work to do, but in eternity we have already arrived.