GOAL – I am focused.

February 1st -

Personal goals, the result of individual wants and perceived needs, even if achieved are never quite satisfying. Nothing real is personal or individual, because everything is connected.  So, the things we have identified as pertaining only to us alone are erroneous because we aren’t alone.  We have been told that we are here to be truly helpful; we have a purpose, a function, which is to forgive the world we see.  Within that overarching goal there is room for the accomplishment of many things in the material world.  We can gain capital success and even accolades for our various accomplishments, we can even enjoy them; these trappings just can’t be that important. Our true purpose allows us to heal the hurts of the world, because we have made the hurts of world.  Our power of creation has shown itself in the symbols we have made.  That same divine nature allows us to see through the outer shadows to the reality that lies within.

REORDER – I am putting things in order.

January 31st -

 If we are afraid it is because we think we are alone.  Nightmares make a world in which force resists itself, effecting no real change.  The material world changes but our response to it does not.  We may believe that we are acting from new ideas, even thinking different thoughts in regard to what we perceive but if we pay close attention, we will notice that we are just recycling the same old notions. Sometimes we repackage them, but they remain essentially the same; these reactions and plans are all fear based. There is something we can add to the mix that will really change things.  Stop for a moment, relax, breathe, find the light within.  Any disturbing thoughts which arise just take them directly to that light.  It doesn’t matter whether the thoughts are related to past events or future fears; the inner light will put everything in proper perspective.  Everything we need to know will be revealed, we will receive clear instruction of how it all can be healed.

SIGHT – I am seeing.

January 30th -

We have been seeing all the wrong associations.  We link past wrongs with present fear.  We connect behavior with worth.  We relate lack with giving.  In reality giving is attended by prosperity.  Behavior is something we did, not something we are.  Fear sees the past incorrectly.  Let us choose once again!  There is no reason to fear a change of perspective.  If we are afraid of changing our viewpoint, all the more reason to do so.  Feel the fear and do it anyway; bringing the fear to Love changes everything we see.  Imagine a shadow, see it clearly in your mind.  Now try to visualize the shadow fleeing from your sight, it scurries away trying to remain obscure.  Realize now that our inner sight is a powerful light, and that light will clearly show us whatever we bring to it.  There is no hiding from Love, it is shining on us right now, only the dim sight of our small self misses it.  The fleeting shadows try to obscure all of the marvelous gifts Love has for us. Gather them up, carry them to the light.

ACCEPT – I am accepting.

January 29th -

New vision, dreams remembered and then come true, are the normal course of events when we receive the gift of God’s love.  Grace is expected and accepted as a normal, ordinary state when we are open to it.  We have pleaded for clemency from “sins” that were never committed.  We have asked mercy from that which has no reality and therefore cannot extend mercy.  We wished to be understood but have given no understanding.  Our judgement so acute we cannot tolerate a slight deviation in another people’s behavior.  What if instead of demanding that others live up to some contract which exists only in our own mind, we became able to let people be themselves?  What if we relax, breathe, and let life just happen?  God doesn’t see shortcomings, God sees the truth of our being, let us be likewise.  This is kind of like automatic forgiveness in which we accept love and then give it.

AWARE – I am aware.

January 28th -

We give our gifts at the altar.  Traditionally the altar is an area in a sanctuary that has been raised up, a table where honor is given to God in the form of offerings.  In more savage times the offerings were blood sacrifices.  The twisted view of traditional Christianity is that the blood of Jesus was required to atone for the sins of the world. This view grows directly out of the ancient idea that you must sacrifice the best of the best in order to find God’s favor.  How about a change of perspective?  Let us realize today that God is not asking for sacrifices, rather God is asking for love. Love is of the spirit not of the material.  God’s table is thought of as a sacred place for gifts offered up to God. The true altar is within us, not in any physical space.  Everything in the physical is just a symbol for that which is in the spiritual.  As we begin to see things from the perspective of spirit and interpreting events in the material world as symbols for greater principles, many amazing healings will occur.

UNITY – I am unified.

January 27th -

 Love unites us.  We find harmony in the midst of conflict by bringing the dissonance itself directly to the light.  In Spirit we are in accord with each other, the “other” actually dissolves into the whole.  In conflict all of our perceptions focus on the division, we easily find all the reasons we are separate and apart from those around us.  Our judgements are reinforced by similar experiences from the past and we then set about looking for future events that match this situation. The problem is that if we are seeing disunity, either in the past or the present and anticipating them in the future, we were wrong, we are wrong, and we will be wrong.  Unity is, it is always present.  When the past was the present, unity was, when the future is the present, unity will be; unity is.  Concord is the true state of creation.  Cohesion is an eternal state, because that which was created together cannot be split. Wonders and marvels appear to happen when the illusion of division is healed.

SERVICE – I am serving.

January 26th -

Being truly helpful is our mission.  We are here to assist our brothers and sisters, which simultaneously helps us to realize who we all are.  We do not accomplish our tasks through some magical use of prayer or meditation, it is probably not in line with our purpose to segregate ourselves in some kind of monastic or hermit type existence.  We could probably get very good at one esoteric practice or another, but we would be of no earthly use.  Our job is to become a benefit to all those who come to us.  Our present experiences become advantageous to those around us as we focus on helping.  This is more than just doing a good turn for someone else, it is actually seeing the Good in them and in ourselves, regardless of the apparent circumstances.  So, our actual service is in changing our viewpoint of our own problems and the apparent problems of others.  We are learning to see things differently, to see them healed in such a way that all disorder becomes divinely ordered.

TRANSCEND – I am transcending the world.

January 25th -

In our meditation today, we move our consciousness from the body to the spirit. Relax, release and let go.  Focusing on the breath we relax the body, paying attention to how the breath works we deepen our relaxation.  Breathing in we notice that we are filled, breathing out we naturally relax.  On the next in breath we imagine we are being filled with life, on the out breath we feel ourselves relaxing into love.  This is an easy exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere.  Keeping the focus on this infilling and outflowing we will soon begin to notice that the body will almost disappear.  With more practice we will experience what feels like a body-less state.  It is in this space that we will find it very easy to forget that we ever thought that we were bodies at all.  Centered in Spirit we have no boundaries and no limits.  We are able to extend ourselves out to any and every perceived need; we become able to give unlimited love, healing each and every one.

STRENGTH – I am strong.

January 24th -

Let us learn the loving lessons of this day.  The is a strength in us that cannot be depleted, each task we undertake in the service of Spirit actually increases our strength.  Only by becoming obsessed with self-gratification can we temporarily lose any of this power.  We have found that our inner strength is greater than our problems and greater than our personalities.  It is the ability to take responsibility for our lives.  It results in quiet confidence.  Strength allows us to give that which we have received without worrying that we will somehow lose.  Each and every demonstration of generosity increases our confidence, which results in more receiving and more giving.  Each gift grows, imbuing both giver and receiver with ever increasing blessings.  Evidence will be provided as needed, proof seen day by day and act by act.   Let us become expressions of divine strength, living demonstrations of the love of God that is always present.

COMMIT – I am committed.

January 23rd -

 Let us dedicate ourselves to living amazing lives.  We can devote our time, talent and treasure to transforming suffering into peace.  This activity will never burn us out or use us up.  Love is self-renewing.  Paying attention to what is happening right now, asking for guidance and then moving into proper service; these are the steps to loving interaction.  Eternity is now, the continual progression of linear time is an illusion.  The past is gone, and the future never comes, it is always right now.  This apparent sequence of one thing after another can serve a purpose in the remembrance of Reality; it can teach us to pay attention so that we notice the opportunities to be truly helpful.  The lesson of every moment is to use it to extend of ourselves. Our continuing stream of experiences can be used as a medium that transports us back to our original state or those same experiences can just reaffirm our self-centered state.  Let us proceed according to our choice.