DIVINE ORDER – I am in order.

November 20th -

My life is in divine order.  With daily surrender to the presence of God within me, I am aware of order in all things.  Divine order is just another term for “God’s Will”.   Divine order means that no matter how things appear to be, there is an intention, an opportunity and a pattern of good in the midst of us.  There is a neatness to the underlying pattern of life; goodwill is always available, even when things seem to be chaotic.  A choice for good, is present at all times and in all places.  When I allow myself to feel the love of God, it is not hard to see the pattern. Making the right decision is natural. I am at ease and able to direct my efforts to the greatest effectiveness.  Yes, I am cog in the machine, but I am an intelligent cog in the divine machine.  I now understand that I am not just seeing the design, I am part of the design.  I am a strand in the great tapestry of life…and isn’t that divine?

UNAFRAID – I am courageous.

November 19th -

 We need not be afraid of negative character traits.  As we begin our exploration of the inner depths, diving just below the surface we may discover some rather disturbing things.  We may find these singularly unattractive traits, which some might call character defects.  These are the mis-creations of fear, these are the children of separation.  It is important that we not reject the little monsters, that only makes them more persistent.  To pretend that they are not there or to sit on them will only keep them quiet for short periods, periods of little stress and strain.  Under pressure however they will jump out and into the fray very quickly. Let us take a moment to see them as they see themselves, as helpers.  These little guys really think they are protecting us from danger, keeping us from harm.  So, we acknowledge their work and bless them.  We can even tell them they have done a great job, and maybe hint that it is time for them to retire.

PRESENT – I am present with creation.

November 18th -

Love stands with us. Take a moment to imagine that Jesus is our contemporary, and that he regularly speaks words of love to us.  He advances the concept that God is Love and we are a part of that love. He whispers, “We are a part of eternal love which always exists in the present”.  Our elder brother reveals our place in the scheme of things. We are filaments of the web of Life, but we are not the whole of Life. Creation is the whole in which we exist, but we are just a part of It. Eternal life, love and light are all ours. We have a place in Universal Mind and we always will have. God is our source. God’s pattern is our pattern. God is Creator, we are creative. Being aware means, both knowing and taking our place. Our job is the same as God’s job, temporarily on a smaller scale. Our job is to shine the light of creation on everyone meet and into everything that we do. Our place is wonderful and honorable.

TRUST – I am trusting

November 17th -

Let us open mind and heart to good. Before us is the infinite field of possibility. Opportunity abounds.  There are so many options available that it can seem overwhelming. What if we really do get to decide what our lives will be like? Well, in a very large way we do decide how things are for us.  We stand at the crossroads what’s possible every time we make a decision; and at that point goodwill is always available.  The most important thing is to be open to guidance from Spirit. “All things work together for good to those who love God” This quote tells us that if we extend love to God and God’s creations all events and circumstances will coalesce into goodness. So, we surrender ego, allow hope to activate faith, align our will with goodwill, and decide for right judgment. We open our minds to the wonderful possibilities and we open our hearts to the opportunities to give love and service that these possibilities represent. We open our mind and heart to good.

NATURE – I am revealing my nature.

November 16th -

We are not our behavior, we are not our emotions or our defects of character.  Our true nature, that which we are made of, is loving spirit. That nature can be revealed through quiet reflection which shines through in our words and actions. As we share with others in an open way, a loving God is present in the midst of us.  Mindful meditation opens the heart and brings our love into awareness. These two practices move us into a different viewpoint; a new perspective reveals our true Self and our true nature.  We begin to see clearly that we are one with our brothers and sisters, we are one with the universe, one with God.  Our true self is loving, and our true nature is Love. Our nature is that which we spring from and that which we extend into our lives.

WRONGS – I am defined by spirit.

November 15th -

 We are not our mis-deeds and our mistakes do not define us.  We are pure and loving spirit.  Not identifying with error does not mean that we have not made mistakes.  It is important that we acknowledge error, that we accept consequences and look deeply into the origins of these unfortunate actions.  Having discerned our mistakes and shared them with our confidant in the presence of a loving God we come to understand that all of them originated from self-centered fear.  The exact nature of our wrongs (our character defects) is, in fact, the very fear of separation that is at the core of all of our seeming problems.  We have, in the past, been driven to unkind behavior by our perceived need to acquire something we thought we needed or to avoid some pain we were afraid be too much to bear.  This revealed, we are able to move toward the actions that will reflect our true nature.

SHARE – I am sharing.

November 14th -

I share my joy and my dreams.  As I share my joy, my joy is increased.  As I relate my dreams, they become more powerful.  My joy in doing the things I love works hand in hand with the dreams of my heart.  I keep them secret no longer, but rather I speak of them openly. I am willing to see from a new perspective.  I allow those with whom I share to give me their perspective.  I consider things from all angles and then I rely on Spirit to help me sort it all out.  The views and experiences of my loved ones are important to my new vision.  I take their observations into account in my decision making and many times they will see something that I have been blind to. In the final analysis however, I rely on God to guide me through the maze of opinion and advice that I may receive. I am willing to see from a new perspective, but I make sure it is the bright vision of Love and not the shadow of fear that informs me.

ADMIT – I am admitting.

November 13th -

I will acknowledge my regrets and disappointments.  Pretending that hurtful things have not happened is counterproductive and I won’t do it anymore.  I can unburden myself by letting someone know those things that previously I have kept hidden.  As I lose the fear of sharing even the negative, I acknowledge my darkest secrets, and I give them up to the light.  I make a decision today, that I will no longer hide the past from myself, from God or from anyone else.  I am not afraid of the dead past.  I know that what is hidden will be revealed.  I no longer am captive to the events of yesterday.  I acknowledge my resentments and regrets, bringing them out into the light of day. Disclosure of the things that I have previously denied, frees me from  burdens.

OPEN – I am open and receptive to new ideas.

November 12th -

Today, I will trust someone; I will select a confidant. I make sure that I choose wisely so that I can feel free to be vulnerable.  Revealing my hopes and dreams and even my fears is not an easy matter. I am committed to share freely, and in doing so I open myself to powerful new ideas and new ways of seeing. I am open- minded, but I am judicious. I will not just spill everything to everyone in an indiscriminate way, I decide when and with whom I will share. I do not want to burden people who may not understand or those who may not have the present ability to help me. I want to be open, but I do not want to scare anyone.  I rely on God’s guidance to lead me to the right person at the right time.  I will know what, when and with whom it is appropriate to share.  Today, I will find a confidant and I will share.

FEAR – I am courageous.

November 11th -

Physical fear is a chemical reaction to perceived threats in the environment.  It is a biological imperative; it has served the genes well in making sure they are preserved and extended generation to generation.  Fear has also caused much suffering.  Today, on a spiritual path, we are trying to identify more with the spirit and less with the body.  This is not to say that we should neglect the body, but rather just recognize that a lot of the body’s fear arises out of error.  Being mindful we can discern these perceptional mistakes before they do harm.  Another kind of fear is the result of our sense of isolation, our feeling separate from the rest of life.  This self-centered fear is the cause of much mental suffering, but it can be healed through our practice.  What are our fears and how much of this fear is irrational?  Are we able to feel the fear and still move into appropriate action anyway?