FEELING – I am sensitive.

November 10th -

Sensitivity has numerous aspects.  Neediness, touchiness, hypersensitivity all evidence mental challenges.  Being easily hurt or upset are undesirable traits we may find in ourselves from time to time.  There is no good in denying these feelings.  We allow ourselves to recognize and accept them.  We just feel them and then take a look at where they come from and what they change into as we observe.  This is all material for our journal.  Being vulnerable is part of intimacy, we take risks to connect to others, but we should be prepared for possible disappointment. Generally, our sensitivity to the needs of others is more helpful to us than our concern for our own.  Our regard for the feelings of others is also material for our inventory.  Are we empathetic?  Do we feel compassion for the struggles of those around us?  Are we attempting to understand?  Can we extend love as an antidote to suffering?

PRINCIPLES – I am principled.

November 10th -

To practice principles is to put philosophy into action. Some may just think about principle as being strictly law.  The laws of science, the rules of a doctrine, seem fixed and immovable.  We have found through experience that these laws can change with the advent of new discoveries.  There are some principles however that do not change these are spiritual principles. The law of love is the first and the last, the basic tenet out of which all spiritual principles arise.   We have heard it said that, “God is love” and further that God is omnipresent.  So, does that mean that love is everywhere present?  Are we loving?  Jesus said that all of the various laws were based on love; that if we couldn’t find love in the law we were mis-reading it. Is love present in our thinking and our actions?  Can we give ourselves totally to life?  Are we feeling connected to life; desiring only good to come to all?  These are the principles that last.

MORAL – I am ethical.

November 8th -

Being ethical means upholding how own values.  The word moral has a number of negative connotations.  Morality has been associated with rigidity and negative judgement.  Many people believe that the morality of the majority is most important and should be binding on everyone.  It is interesting that most of us can find excuses for ourselves if we should transgress these rules, but also be very condemnatory of others who we think have strayed.  In our journaling let us explore these issues.  What do we think is good and right and honest?  Looking at our own behavior what is proper and honorable according to our own standards?  What are our standards?  Further, do we think that we should be influenced by the standards of others, or the standards of certain spiritual groups?  We may find that there are universal principles that we can use as guidelines for our thinking and our behavior; still, they should be tenets that we believe in, not just adopted because someone else says they are appropriate.

SHAME – I am unashamed.

November 7th -

Shame is usually thought of as the same as guilt, but many of us have experienced it somewhat differently.  Caught up in self-centered patterns we may have done many things that would be considered worthy of guilt; but we didn’t feel guilty until some later self-examination. Shame, on the other hand, is about being caught; an internal mechanism that is all wrapped up in approval seeking. The deeper we find ourselves in self-centeredness the easier it is to justify harmful behavior, but if we are exposed, if people find out about the behavior and then we are confronted, we feel shame. Embarrassed, we may find ourselves humiliated.  Importantly, shame does not even require that we actually did something wrong.  Just the perception of dishonor mortifies us.  The rules of society are not necessarily the values that we operate under; but if our differences are revealed, we can feel totally apart from community. These old bugaboos should be examined and abandoned.

GUILTY – I am innocent?

November 6th -

A Course in Miracles tells us that there is nothing to feel guilty about because all of our “sins” are not real.  It is important however, in a personal inventory, that we deal with our perceived wrongdoings.  We can take responsibility without feeling hopelessly guilty.  A couple of things to consider, we may feel badly because of the effects our past behavior had on others.  It is both honorable and responsible to want to repair the damage we caused.  Guilt is only good for one thing, it can tell us: “don’t do that anymore”.  Unfortunately, that’s not how it generally works.  Guilt usually becomes an identity.  It tells us that we are the unfortunate things we have done and that we are doomed to continue to be the person that does that sort of thing.  This thinking traps us into a repetition of similar behaviors.  It is not necessary.  We can be freed from these shortcomings and, ultimately, the defects that lie behind them.

REVEALED – I am uncovered.

November 5th -

Are we are about to be exposed?  Journaling is a good habit to begin, it is how can we discover the patterns in behavior, thoughts, and beliefs.  Does it really make any sense that we would try to hide ourselves from ourselves?  Of course, it does not make sense, but we do it all the time.  Self-centeredness is a dynamic state of on-going delusion.  The ego always presents illusion to justify defense and offense. This small self cannot be seen in the light, because when brought to light it dissipates. Stripping away all of our justifications and rationalizations is essential to moving toward sanity.  So, in our writings we divulge all of the things which we have previously thought needed to be hidden.  Remember we are not going to publish or publicize these writings.  Right now, they are for our own effort to bring the dark things to light.  Later we can decide how and with whom we share these insights.

COURSE – I am willing to stay the course.

November 4th -

I have a direction in life today, I am on a path from self to Self.  This way is the way of Spirit.  There is no need to chase or to stalk, my pursuit of the Truth is calm and peaceful.  There are traces and spoor and milestones along the way that let me know I am on the right track.  I am aware of my surroundings, paying close attention to the opportunities for service which are the very signs of love. Whatever my daily activities may be, I stay aware of my mission and purpose.  I am here to be helpful.  I keep my service in the front of my mind at all times.  I know that in order to move in the direction of the divine I must change certain habits.  I hereby release any rituals and habits that I may have established that do not contribute to my purpose. I pursue positive change by focusing on the greater mission. I understand that only through service to others will I be able to overcome the obstacles that ego places in my path.  I am willing to stay the course.

TRUTH – I am willing to seek the truth.

November 3rd -

Today let us engage life beyond the limitations of the ego.  Let’s take the time to get in touch with our hearts. Just take a moment right now to notice that there is already a strong connection between heart and brain.   We can be certain that the conduit of spirit allows us to use both of these great faculties in concert with each other. Let us allow our feeling nature to be wed to our thinking nature.  The truth of life is found when the male and female parts of us come together in harmony. The Love of God is always consistent, having no alternative.  The reality of Spirit cannot be contradicted.  We are the genuine article, springing from Love, we are the love of God in action.  As we allow the Spirit to work through us, divine will reveals itself to be our own true will for ourselves.  As long as we keep contact with the divine Presence we will see through to the truth of things.

EGO-LESS – I am willing to surrender.

November 2nd -

Submitting to Love is not a defeat but a great victory.  We know that we cannot successfully serve two masters.  We must be single minded to achieve our goals. Single- mindedness means focused on God and the good that comes from God.  Single- mindedness means not focusing on money or material things, but rather on the principle of abundance behind them.  Release any desire to have and to own.  Seek, rather to participate in creation.  Abandon worry over lack and move easily into the flow of life.  The indwelling spirit knows what we need and will provide it, but only if we focus on spirit.  The creative power within us can produce money and material things, but we find them unfulfilling and life becomes a continual cycle of wanting and getting and wanting again.  Instead of looking for what we can get, let us give what is ours  and more will automatically come our way.

WILL – I am goodwill in action.

November 1st -

Goodwill is what’s in the best interest of the Larger Community.  Today let us find the willingness to do our part in service to something larger than ourselves.  It’s not so hard when we remember that we are a part of it.  We may have ambitions and goals, hopes and aspirations; we are free to pursue them as long as we remember our larger purpose. We come to understand that these good desires come from the mind of the universe.  We are a unique collection of talents and abilities and these attributes contribute to the world and to our own wellbeing.  We just need to keep the priorities in order.  Let us resolve to do the work and then we will observe the desires of the heart come into manifestation.  That work is really just being, being who we are in every situation that occurs.  Setting aside fear and apprehension, we move forward into whatever action goodwill calls for and instantly become the real us.