Harmony starts with each of us.  We establish an inner condition of peace.  So, not at war with ourselves we are able to be a center of peace and an influence for harmony in the world.  In practice harmony looks like this:

● We work for the common good. We make no decisions for ourselves alone.
● We rely on the creative intuition and power within us and between us for direction.
● We accept people as they are, not trying to change anyone.
● We do what we will and allow everyone else the right to do what they will. (as long as these actions do not harm others).
● We establish a purpose for life.
● We do not allow issues of the ego to interfere with our purpose.
● We carry our own weight, doing the things that need to be done by us. When we need help, we ask for it. We allow others to do likewise.
● We hold that each of us is precious and of equal value.
● We establish no hierarchy of authority in our relationships.
● We mind our own business, neither gossiping about nor saying the hurtful thing to anyone.
● We practice deep intimacy, being genuine and true to ourselves, abandoning pretense.
● We center ourselves in the spirit of things, neutralizing the shortcomings of personality.